Top 10 Standup Meeting Templates for Product Designers

Standup meetings are a pivotal component for product designers, fostering communication and collaboration within the team. They provide a platform to quickly address challenges, outline the day's goals, and synchronize the team's efforts. A well-structured Standup Meeting template in Notion can streamline this process, ensuring that meetings are efficient, focused, and productive, thus allowing designers to concentrate on innovation and problem-solving rather than on meeting management.

Before you start crafting your own Standup Meeting template, consider exploring the templates below to simplify the process.

1Meeting Agenda Template

With this template you can easily create a meeting agenda directly in Notion. It includes meeting data like date & time, attendees and documents to read or prepare before the meeting, the agenda itself with time allocation and names of presenters, and an additional notes section. During the meeting, write down actions to take after the meeting and who is responsible for each action. If you need the agenda on paper, export to PDF and print.

A template preview for Meeting Agenda Template

2Conversation notes

Make your meeting experience easier and increase your productivity with our Notion template “Conversation Notes”. This professionally designed template provides you with a structured and user-friendly overview to effectively organize and record your meetings. Our Notion template “Conversation Notes” not only offers the opportunity to work efficiently during the meeting, but also serves as an excellent tool for preparing for upcoming meetings. Optimize your workflows and increase your efficiency in meetings through the clear structure and organization that our template offers.

A template preview for Conversation notes

3Remote standups

Use this template to keep everyone at your company updated on what people are doing right now. Each team can create a new page for members to say what they did yesterday and plan to do today.

A template preview for Remote standups

4Daily Standup Summary

This template facilitates individuals in capturing their daily standup status using standardized questions, while also allowing them to document todos and blockers for resolution. It offers insights into best practices and includes a sample software engineering team meeting, enhancing the sharing of daily status updates and providing a visual overview of their ongoing tasks.

A template preview for Daily Standup Summary

5Daily Stand-Ups Management Dashboard

🚀 Elevate Your Daily Standups with Notion!

Introducing a comprehensive Notion template designed to streamline and enhance your daily standup meetings. With a blend of intuitive design and powerful features, this template is tailored to help teams stay organized, aligned, and productive.

📌 Key Highlights:

Multiple Pages for Detailed Organization: Dive deep into each aspect of your standups. From team overviews to individual tasks, everything has its dedicated space.
Team Overview at a Glance: Get a snapshot of your team's progress, mood, and priorities. Understand who's working on what and identify areas that need attention.
Calendar Overview: Visualize your standups! With a dedicated calendar view, track past standups, plan for upcoming ones, and never miss a beat.
Linkable Tasks within Standups: Ensure clarity and accountability. Link tasks directly to the standup columns, making it easier for team members to access and update their tasks.
Blockers Dashboard: A dedicated space on the home dashboard to highlight and address blockers. This proactive approach ensures that challenges are addressed promptly, keeping the momentum going.
Why Choose This Template?

Efficiency: Reduce the time spent on managing standups and focus more on actionable tasks.
Collaboration: Foster a collaborative environment where team members can easily share updates, challenges, and insights.
Transparency: With everything documented and accessible, ensure that every team member is on the same page.
Flexibility: The template is customizable. Adapt it to fit the unique needs of your team and workflow.
Get Started Today!

Elevate your daily standups and drive team productivity to new heights. With this Notion template, you're not just managing standups; you're crafting a collaborative story of success.

A template preview for Daily Stand-Ups Management Dashboard

6Daily standup dashboard

Easily maintain a record of your standup notes, work on any blockers that arise, and assign who is responsible for resolving them. Notion allows for easy asynchronous communication and collaboration. Use this template to keep everyone on the same page with their goals and mission.

A template preview for Daily standup dashboard

7Daily Scrum

Get ready to supercharge your Agile methodology with our all-new Daily Scrum Notion Template! It's designed to foster effective collaboration, ensure transparency, and keep your team's progress on track. Whether managing a small team or coordinating a large project, this template is your one-stop solution for organizing daily scrums.

A template preview for Daily Scrum

8Marketing Standup

Enhance productivity and collaboration in team meetings using this Meeting Flow template. The bulk of the meeting is dedicated to discussions where team members can propose topics and vote on them. Additionally, the template provides space for asynchronous updates to share accomplishments, plans, and seek help from the team.

A template preview for Marketing Standup

9Meeting Center

Conquer meeting chaos!
This Notion template lets you capture notes effortlessly, organized by category and date. Switch between calendar and other views for easy browsing after a marathon of meetings. Check it out and watch your productivity soar!

A template preview for Meeting Center

10Standup Meeting

Tailored for efficient standup meetings, this template helps teams, particularly remote ones, to swiftly cover what was accomplished yesterday, today's tasks, and any obstacles, enhancing team communication and productivity.

A template preview for Standup Meeting

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