Top 10 Persona Profiles Templates for Marketing Analysts

Persona Profiles provide a structured approach for Marketing Analysts to understand and cluster their audience based on shared characteristics, preferences, and behaviors. This synthesis is pivotal for crafting targeted marketing strategies and creating more engaging customer experiences. A Persona Profiles template in Notion can streamline this process, offering a cohesive framework to gather, organize, and analyze consumer data effectively.

Before developing your own Persona Profiles template, consider exploring these examples to simplify the creation process.

1User Interview Template

Semi-structured interviews are an effective method for data collection when the researcher wants: (1) to collect qualitative, open-ended data; (2) to explore participant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about a particular topic; and (3) to delve deeply into personal and sometimes sensitive issues.

A template preview for User Interview Template

2User Persona

It contains the below information:

Personalities (Extrovert, Time rich, Creative, Analytical, Active, Organized, Mess, Team player, and so on.)
Education (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., Postdoctoral, and other)
Marital status (Single, Married, Divorced, Separated, Widow, and else)
Bio about persona


Need & Expectations
Pain points & Frustrations

A template preview for User Persona


It helps individuals or companies in product development quickly create a proto-persona. It offers written information about how to use the template and the benefits of creating one. This template also offers links to articles and resources for anyone who is a student or new to the field.

A template preview for Proto-personas

4User Journey/Experience Map Template

A user experience map is a method of visualizing the entire end-to-end user experience that an average user will go through in order to accomplish a goal. It's product and service-agnostic, so it's used for understanding general human behavior in a larger context.

A template preview for User Journey/Experience Map Template

5Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

This Ideal Customer Profile template is tailored to support founders in precisely defining their target audience. It provides a structured framework to identify key customer characteristics, behaviors, and preferences, helping founders shape a clear and detailed understanding of their ideal customers.

A template preview for Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

6Customer Profile

A customer profile is a detailed description of a business's ideal customer (or buyer persona). It incorporates various data points, from basic customer demographic information to more complex variables like buying patterns.

A template preview for Customer Profile

7User Persona

A user persona template can help guide the creation of effective user personas by providing a structure to organize and present the data collected during user research, ensuring that key information is included and easy to reference for product development and decision-making.

A template preview for User Persona

8The Stakeholder Mapper

The Stakeholder Mapper allows you to analyse and map your stakeholders using two methods:
Mendelow's Matrix
Salience Types
Use this template to map your stakeholders quickly and efficiently.

A template preview for The Stakeholder Mapper

9User Persona Dashboard & Profile Template

Seamlessly capture user research, visualize your typical customer, and craft impactful products that leave a lasting impression. Experience the joy of bringing your ideas to life and creating real impact with this user-friendly and enjoyable template. This template helps UX / Product designers who need to create user personas quickly and efficiently, Product managers who want to better understand their target audience, CEOs / Entrepreneurs who need to identify their ideal customer and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.

A template preview for User Persona Dashboard & Profile Template

10SalesOS: Customer Persona (with Notion AI)

Create customer personas with ease!
Drop interview notes or transcripts, education, experience and other details of your prospective clients inside these templates.
Then have AI generate summaries, pains and gains for you!

A template preview for SalesOS: Customer Persona (with Notion AI)

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