Top 10 Kanban Templates for Computer Engineers

Kanban is significant for computer engineers because it supports efficient project management and workflow visualization. A Kanban template in Notion can streamline task tracking, prioritize work items, and enhance team collaboration by providing a clear overview of project progress. Before starting to create your own Kanban template, consider exploring these Kanban templates below to simplify the process and ensure a more effective management of your projects.

1Notion’s tasks

Use this tasks database to capture your engineering and product teams’ day-to-day work. At Notion, we organize all our work by projects and tasks, then link each task to its relevant project and team. That way, you can filter tasks by a specific project.

This template is part of a larger — read more about how we use it in .

A template preview for Notion’s tasks

2Dynamic project-task-skill tracker

Stay organized in your day-to-day activities without losing insight into the skills you've built along the way. Use this template to help individuals, teams, and companies track projects and tasks.

A template preview for Dynamic project-task-skill tracker

3Anthropic's project planner

Anthropic’s Project Planner template combines project overviews and detailed tasks in a succinct, dual-database format. Streamline your workflow, ensuring every goal aligns with actionable steps. Ideal for efficient project tracking and management, this template is a must-have for organized, goal-oriented teams and individuals.

A template preview for Anthropic's project planner

4Project Hub

This template works both for individuals and teams!

It benefits them with CRM functionality to define project vision, write non/functional documentation, collect ideas, build a project knowledge base, manage/plan their project, and much more!

A template preview for Project Hub

5Software Product Development in-a-Box

Combines the core elements of our Product, Design & Engineering Team in-a-box sets to cover the needs of a modern product development team.

It features templates for your product, design, engineering, product analytics and user research teams. Amongst others; a product roadmap, OKR tracker, Sprint board, Kanban board, experiments tracker, user research tracker, tech specs, bug tickets and more.

A template preview for Software Product Development in-a-Box

6Projects & Tasks

Track projects of any shape or size, and for any type of team. View projects as a timeline, kanban board, or calendar — whatever works best for you. Then write planning docs, embed designs, and organize meeting notes in the same place.

A template preview for Projects & Tasks

7Agile Project Management

Agile project management was born in 2000, and has been powering and guiding engineering, product, and more teams ever since. Agile management focuses on splitting project into incremental iterations or sections. This template allows you to view projects, that are divided into smaller tasks, and that correspond to sprints that you can visualize beautifully in a sprint timeline. Embrace agile to increase productivity, start with this template.

A template preview for Agile Project Management

8Task Manager

Assisting you in your journey when it comes to your tasks and projects, where you can monitor and track your progress easily and effortlessly, providing a centralized hub for productivity. Stay on top of deadlines, set priorities with ease, and achieve optimal project management efficiency.

Elevating yet simplifying your workflow, helping you to embrace organization, and stay in control!

A template preview for Task Manager

9Sales Tracker

Keep track of all your sales and customers from Gumroad, Shopify, LemonSqueezy and Stripe in one simple database.

A template preview for Sales Tracker

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