Top 10 Engineering Tasks Templates for Computer Engineers

For computer engineers, managing engineering tasks efficiently is a cornerstone of successful project completion. An Engineering Tasks Notion template can streamline this process by offering organized structures for tracking progress, identifying challenges early, and fostering team collaboration. Before embarking on creating your own Engineering Tasks template, consider exploring these available templates to enhance your project management efforts with ease.

1Rippling's Multi-Product Roadmap

Rippling’s Multi-Product Roadmap template is your ultimate tool to seamlessly interlink products, projects, and tasks in a single view. Borrowing from the intuitive nature of Gantt charts, this template offers a visual timeline that not only tracks progress but also pinpoints dependencies and sequencing.

A template preview for Rippling's Multi-Product Roadmap

2Getting Things Done (GTD)

The Notion GTD Template You Need to Boost Productivity
From Overwhelmed to Organized.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? Do you struggle to keep track of all your tasks and projects? Look no further than our "Getting Things Done" Notion template. Our ready-to-use template is designed to help you capture, process, organize, and prioritize your tasks and things to get done with minimum effort, saving you time and freeing up your mind to focus on what really matters.

Our template is perfect for individuals and teams seeking an effective productivity system, to-do app, task manager, or project manager. Based on the proven GTD® method, our template empowers you to streamline your work and get things done effortlessly.

With our "Getting Things Done" Notion template, you'll be able to:
Capture all your tasks and ideas in one place, eliminating the need to juggle multiple to-do lists and notes.
Process your tasks and ideas quickly and easily, determining what needs to be done, delegating tasks to others, or deferring them to a later time.
Organize and prioritize your tasks based on urgency and importance, ensuring that you are always working on the most important tasks first.
Regularly review and update your task lists, ensuring that you are staying on track and making progress toward your goals.
Whether you're an individual looking to boost your productivity or a team seeking a more effective way to manage tasks and projects, our "Getting Things Done" Notion template has everything you need to succeed. So why wait? Try our template today and start getting things done like never before.

A template preview for Getting Things Done (GTD)

3Simple Sprint Management

🚀 Elevate your software development experience with our Sprint Management Notion Template, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline every facet of your project lifecycle. Effortlessly organize and manage projects through an intuitive interface, leveraging visual task boards for a clear overview of your team's progress. Dive into precision with detailed sprint planning, ensuring goals are met, tasks are assigned, and progress is tracked seamlessly.

Stay in the loop with real-time updates during daily standups and foster a culture of continuous improvement through structured retrospectives. The one-click meeting list provides quick access to all your scheduled meetings, while a built-in timer ensures meetings stay on track, promoting efficiency and focused discussions. The template's user-friendly design facilitates instant productivity, allowing your team to collaborate seamlessly and prioritize continuous improvement in every sprint. Revolutionize your development process by unlocking the full potential of your team with the Sprint Management Notion Template! 🌐

A template preview for Simple Sprint Management

4Branch's engineering roadmap

 uses this engineering roadmap template to bolster team collaboration and connect all their engineering projects in one place. All the project work lives side-by-side with deadlines and updates — saving them time from bouncing between tools. You can create templates unique to each problem an engineer will tackle, like bug reports or project specs. Use this template to help your engineering team track every initiative and encourage cross-functional collaboration.

A template preview for Branch's engineering roadmap

5Team Central Hub

A Notion template made for teams who wish to setup their Notion workspace and get up to speed with work. This template covers a lot of sides when it comes to teams working together, like

- Team’s culture and communication.

- Development process using Scrum framework.

- Candidate management system with assessments and job posts.

This template provides a lot of features to makes it unique to other templates

- Interconnected databases which everything connected.

- Detailed templates in each database to make you focus on what matters.

- A central hub which allows everyone to be updated about everything within the team.

A template preview for Team Central Hub

6Issue Tracker

Track engineering projects of any shape or size with this template. For teams that use the Agile method, you can break down each project into tasks, prioritize your backlog, then organize tasks into sprints. Filter by status, priority, and team to view your work any way you like. Plus, connect your other essential tools like Github, Figma, Slack, and more to truly keep all your work in one place.

A template preview for Issue Tracker

7Notion’s tasks

Use this tasks database to capture your engineering and product teams’ day-to-day work. At Notion, we organize all our work by projects and tasks, then link each task to its relevant project and team. That way, you can filter tasks by a specific project.

This template is part of a larger — read more about how we use it in .

A template preview for Notion’s tasks

8Tools stack

The purpose of this template is to keep track of your team's tools and how they are working for your workflows. Add feedback, monitor usefulness, and track cost as you go.

A template preview for Tools stack

9Game Development Board

Unlock a streamlined game development experience with our specially crafted Notion template. Designed with the unique challenges of game creation in mind, this board offers intuitive organization, real-time tracking, and a visual workflow to keep your project on target. Whether you're a solo developer or part of a team, our template adapts to your needs, turning complexity into clarity. Embark on your next gaming adventure with this indispensable tool by your side!" 🎮🚀

A template preview for Game Development Board

10Issue Tracker

This Notion template helps you keep track of bugs and feature requests within your company. Connect to an online form or manually add feedback so your team can action the items. This issue-tracking report template is designed to standardize your project team’s issue-reporting process, ensuring consistent information and solutions.

A template preview for Issue Tracker

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