Top 10 Customer Journey Templates for Marketing Analysts

Understanding customer journeys is key for marketing analysts to grasp how consumers interact with their brand, products, and services from awareness through to purchase and beyond. A Customer Journey Notion template simplifies mapping out these interactions, pinpointing opportunities for engagement, and identifying areas for improvement.

Before diving into creating your own Customer Journey template, consider exploring these examples to streamline the process and gain valuable insights more effortlessly.

1A Simple One-Page User Journey Map

For each stage, you can see where and what actions the user has taken, and what emotions they experience at each stage.

A template preview for A Simple One-Page User Journey Map


The solution to enhance your business's interactions, optimize processes, and drive unprecedented growth. Our CIM is designed to revolutionize the way you manage relationships with your clients, leads, and partners.

A template preview for CIM OS

3Merci Grace's willingness-to-pay interview

Merci Grace is a former Lightspeed Ventures Partner and Slack Head of Growth. If you're thinking about starting a company, her willingness to pay template will help you conduct interviews with your core customers to figure out your business model and pricing strategy.

This template is just one of Merci's many product development templates, all of which .

A template preview for Merci Grace's willingness-to-pay interview

4Customer Satisfaction Surveys

A customer satisfaction survey is a questionnaire designed to help businesses understand what their customers think about their products or services, their brand, and their customer support. Customer satisfaction surveys allow companies to improve products strategically, optimize user experience, and deliver exactly what the market demands.

A template preview for Customer Satisfaction Surveys

5E-Commerce Customer Management Template

Running an e-commerce store solo? Simplify your day-to-day with this straightforward Notion template.

πŸ“Š All-in-One Dashboard: Add your monthly sales, pending refunds, and current campaigns, so you can have everything in one snapshot.

πŸ“ Refunds & Exchanges, Simplified: Track your returns and swaps. Keep it clean and easy to follow.

πŸ—“ Weekly Reminders: Inventory checks don't come naturally, I know. A simple list can do wonders for your productivity.

🎯 Campaign Calendar: Plan ahead for big sale days and jot down marketing notes. A calendar made for your needs.

✍️ Feedback & Milestones: A dedicated space for customer insights and your personal achievements.

πŸ” Quick-Access Resources: Your suppliers and tools, all in one spot. No more endless searching.

A template preview for E-Commerce Customer Management Template

6Customer journey mapping

Customer journey maps are an essential piece of any marketing or product strategy, but trying to fit all the subtle (and critical) details into a 5x5 grid just isn't viable.

This template lets you leverage Notion's infinite canvas to map richly detailed customer journeys that convert.

You can use it to help you or your team map out:

- Key user journey stages
- Target personas
- Goals & pain points
- Actions & endpoints
- Use cases, touch points
- Key projects & campaigns
- Surveys, targets, KPIs and more.

A template preview for Customer journey mapping

7UX Playbook

Clear steps to improve your UX process. Ready-to-use templates such as Project Kickoff, Customer Journey Map, Concept Testing, and more, helping you to optimize your workflow. Solutions that can be applied to any UX project.

A template preview for UX Playbook

8User Journey Maps in a box

A meticulously crafted template, filled with frameworks and examples, tailored to help you to create comprehensive user journey maps with ease in Notion.

A template preview for User Journey Maps in a box

9Customer journey map

There are amazing tools to build Customer Journey Maps in the market. However, this Notion Template is an excellent option for small businesses and solopreneurs. You pay once and you will be able to build unlimited customized maps.

A template preview for Customer journey map

10Client Portal

The first 100% secure client portal inside of Notion. The two-part configuration gives internal teams a separate page to work on the client project whilst also allowing you to pick-and-choose what gets shared with the client.

INCLUDED: A ready-to-use template that makes the proposal writing process a flash. The integrated project timeline database creates complete synchronicity between the sales and client fulfilment team.

A template preview for Client Portal

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