Best Retrospective Templates for Product Designers

Retrospective sessions are a time for Product Designers to pause and reflect on the recent project cycle, identifying what went well and where improvements can be made for future cycles. A well-structured Retrospective template in Notion can facilitate this process by organizing feedback, action items, and reflections in a clear and actionable manner. Before diving into creating your own Retrospective template, exploring the examples below can provide inspiration and streamline the process, making it more efficient and effective.


Our Retrospective template facilitates efficient post-project reflection. It comes with designated sections for discussing what went well, areas needing improvement, innovative ideas, and future action items. Its interactive feature even logs who added each point, promoting transparency and accountability. This organized approach aids in learning from past experiences and planning effective strategies for future projects.

A template preview for Retrospective

2OKR Setting and Retrospective

OKR formulation and retrospective can be used to set clear goals, continuously improve performance, and review and improve the achievement of objectives.

A template preview for OKR Setting and Retrospective

3DAKI Agile Retrospective

Provides a structured approach to reflect on team performance and identify areas for improvement.

Increases productivity by identifying and addressing inefficiencies in the team's processes. Improves communication among team members by encouraging open and honest feedback. Leads to more successful project outcomes by continuously improving team performance. Can be used as a valuable tool for continuous improvement within the team or organization.

A template preview for DAKI Agile Retrospective


Retrospectives are critical in college, whether you're facing disappointments in academics or career, falling-outs or breakups, the end of a long semester/job, or particularly tumultuous eras of life. In this extremely simple template, retrospectives ("retros") are organized by year, each with its own page; each page provides a space in which to dig into how and why your significant life events have shaped you.

Each page is also organized with #headers so you can use the "Table of contents" feature (/ + table of contents) to get a bird’s eye view of each page. Additionally, looking at your Retros page is always a reminder that if you made it through those days, you can make it through these :)

A template preview for Retrospectives

5Agile sprints

Provides small teams and solopreneurs a proven framework of sprints to execute work faster, more frequently, and make projects manageable. It is accompanied with templates and dashboards that allow you to seamlessly conduct standups, sprint planning, reviews, and retrospective.

A template preview for Agile sprints

64Ls Retrospective Template

The Four Ls retrospective is an excellent way for teams to gain a more in-depth understanding of what occurred during the sprint and identify areas for improvement. It encourages team members to be critical of their work and allows the team to identify and implement concrete steps for improvement. It is also simple to implement and understand, making it a valuable tool for any team using an Agile development framework

A template preview for 4Ls Retrospective Template

7Meeting Tracker

Track 1-1 or Retro activities

A template preview for Meeting Tracker

8Run Retrospectives with Rootly

A good retrospective is key to helping companies improve their overall system reliability. This template provides incident response teams with a quick and an organized way to create retrospectives following an incident. This will not only save time for the team, but also document all content in a consistent manner.

A template preview for Run Retrospectives with Rootly

9Sailboat Retrospective

The Sailboat Retrospective Notion template is a tool that helps teams evaluate their project, sprint, or overall process performance. It outlines 4 steps to reflect on sprint goals, strengths, blockers, and future ambitions. The template uses the analogy of a SAILBOAT heading toward sprint goals while dealing with anchors and rocks. The template provides a dedicated space for teams to identify actionable steps for improvement, as well as a parking lot to keep the team meeting on track. Additionally, it promotes recognizing and appreciating team members' hard work and accomplishments.

A template preview for Sailboat Retrospective

10Software Development Retrospective

The best template to run a retrospective in notion. It leverages formulas to show only enough information about how many people agree with or want to discuss a subject.

This board has two steps: 1) In the first one, you can add cards and vote without being influenced by other people's votes. 2) In the second step, you can see a summary of how many people voted to agree or discuss without seeing who it was. This helps remove bias when discussing a card.

You can always open the card and see who voted, but you can choose not to. Anonymity is not the goal of this board.

A template preview for Software Development Retrospective

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