Best Content Brief Templates for Marketing Analysts

For marketing analysts, a Content Brief serves as a structured roadmap communicating the strategic vision for a piece, ensuring alignment between stakeholders on goals, audience targeting, and messaging. A Content Brief template in Notion can streamline this process by providing a standardized framework for outlining key information, making it easier to achieve consistency and clarity across content initiatives.

Before you start crafting your own Content Brief template, take a look at these examples to simplify the process.

1Brand Pitching Guide

The Brand Pitching Guide is your ultimate tool for successful collaborations, designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It provides insights into how PR Reps find content creators, keyboard shortcuts for efficient pitching, and a comprehensive to-do list to boost your chances of landing a collaboration. The guide also includes a customizable pitch outline tailored to your needs. With five years of content creation experience and a dozen retainer clients, this method has proven to keep things simple and effective.

A template preview for Brand Pitching Guide

2SEO Content Brief

A content brief sets clear expectations for your writing project upfront, and this template prioritizes clarity, SEO, and audience satisfaction. Along with the free guide, it also contains a pre-filled sample. Happy Writing!

A template preview for SEO Content Brief

3Content Creation Pipeline v1.0

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools and platforms to manage your content creation process? Do you find it challenging to stay organized, collaborate effectively, and maintain consistency across your content? Look no further! The Content Creation Pipeline is here to revolutionize your content creation workflow.

Our meticulously designed Notion template is a comprehensive solution that empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to take their content creation process to the next level. With this template, you'll unlock a world of efficiency, collaboration, and productivity like never before.

What sets our Content Creation Pipeline apart? Let's explore the key features and benefits:

All-in-One Content Workspace: Say goodbye to scattered tools and platforms. Our template provides a centralized workspace within Notion, combining planning, ideation, creation, collaboration, and management in one seamless interface. No more switching between tabs or applications.

Streamlined Planning and Ideation: Unleash your creativity with powerful planning and ideation tools. Our template offers pre-built templates and frameworks to help you brainstorm ideas, create content calendars, and define target audiences—all within Notion.

Efficient Content Creation: Save time and effort with our intuitive content creation features. Leverage Notion's rich editing capabilities, including text formatting, media embedding, and ready-made templates. Create compelling articles, blog posts, social media content, and multimedia content without breaking a sweat.

Seamless Collaboration and Workflow Management: Foster collaboration and enhance team productivity. Our template enables task assignment, progress tracking, and real-time communication, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Simplify content review and approval processes, guaranteeing quality and consistency.

Organized Content Repository: Never lose track of your content again. Our template helps you create a structured content repository within Notion, allowing easy access, searchability, and version control. Implement tagging systems, categorization, and content databases for efficient content retrieval.

Easy Customization and Scalability: Tailor the template to fit your unique needs. Our template is highly customizable, allowing you to adapt it to your branding, workflows, and preferences. Whether you're an individual content creator or a large team, our template scales effortlessly with your requirements.

Revolutionize your content creation process with the Content Creation Pipeline. Unlock the power of a centralized, collaborative, and efficient workflow that saves you time, boosts productivity, and delivers outstanding content.

Don't miss out on this game-changing solution! Get started with the Content Creation Pipeline today and experience the future of content creation. Your audience awaits the exceptional content you'll create with ease, efficiency, and impact.

A template preview for Content Creation Pipeline v1.0

4Video Content Strategy Planner

This template provides a clear outline and guide on how to brainstorm and develop video content for social media. It gives a clear path of the process. First, choose a topic, and then from that topic, choose 3 topics. From those sub topics, there are 6 categories of content that can be used to generate content for videos.

A template preview for Video Content Strategy Planner

5Creative brief

Creative projects have many moving parts. This creative brief lets you gather all the necessary information and materials in one place — goals, deliverables, timeline, budget, and more. Get aligned with internal or external teams to set expectations and move forward with clarity.

A template preview for Creative brief

6ContentOS 2.0

What's included in the ContentOS 2.0🎥

Basic Platform manager

Content Calendar

life progress widget

Video idea

A template preview for ContentOS 2.0

7Content brief

A major bottleneck in content programs is a lack of alignment on content expectations. This content brief template helps all stakeholders — SEOs, writers, and marketing leads — align on things like keyword requirements, brand & audience settings, content structure, visual elements, and more. A well-crafted content brief keeps projects on track, guards against frustrating rewrites, and keeps everyone happy.

A template preview for Content brief

8SEO Content Planner & Calendar

Say goodbye to juggling your content within spreadsheets, docs, and project management tools.
The SEO content planner and calendar has everything you need to streamline your content efforts.

See everything all in one place with the content map, stay organized with the content calendar, manage everything with the content production board, and even get automated reminders to re-optimize existing pages.

A full demo example, walkthrough video and detailed instructions are included!

A template preview for SEO Content Planner & Calendar

9Youtuber OS

Ideas Capture Database:

Capture Ideas On-the-Go: Quickly log new video ideas with titles, descriptions, and categories.

Visual Reference: Include thumbnails for a visual reference to quickly identify and explore potential video concepts.

Notes Database:

Detailed Insights: Record in-depth notes, research findings, and key details for your video concepts.

Link to Ideas: Easily connect notes to the relevant video ideas for a holistic view.

Videos Database:

Efficient Planning: Schedule filming and editing dates, and set publish dates for seamless video production.

Centralized Information: Link videos to associated ideas, notes, and even analytics for comprehensive management.

Tasks Database:

Task Management: Break down video preparation into tasks with due dates, assigned team members, and progress tracking.

Link to Videos: Associate tasks directly with the specific videos they pertain to for clear workflow management.

Revamp your YouTube content creation process with these Notion templates. Streamline idea generation, research, task management, and more. Elevate your efficiency and creativity in every step of your video production journey.

A template preview for Youtuber OS

10Content Deliverables

Devin Reed's Content Deliverables Template is designed to help you effectively plan and track your content deliverables for an entire quarter. This template lets you record the deliverable name, its status, project description, demand, target audience, lift, and ETA. The option to view by status, lift, or ETA gives you the flexibility to manage your content projects in a way that best suits your workflow. Simplify your content planning and stay ahead of your deliverables with this efficient Notion template.

A template preview for Content Deliverables

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