Best 9 Media Kit Templates for Marketing Analysts

Media kits serve as comprehensive guides for brands, encapsulating key facts, figures, and narratives that marketers need to share their stories with the press, investors, and potential partners effectively. A well-designed Media Kit template on Notion can streamline the creation process, ensuring all relevant information is organized and easily accessible, which saves time and enhances communication strategies. Before diving into creating your own Media Kit template, it's beneficial to explore examples to simplify the process.

1Artist EPK

This is a tool for musicians, artists, bands and artist managers. You may be trying to figure out all the requirements of creating an EPK. This easy-to-use template will allow you to quickly gather materials, links and assets. This template is also great for keeping record of an entire portfolio of work. This database can be shared easily with managers or bandmates to quickly collect bios and photos. Get your EPK created with ease!

A template preview for Artist EPK

2Social media kit

Better understand different social media platforms and learn how to create a successful social media strategy. Draft, write, and plan all your social media content in one, centralized productivity system.

A template preview for Social media kit

3Notion’s swag

Trying to keep track of and order promotional merchandise can get complicated fast. Price estimates, vendor details, mockup files, and more can complicate a seemingly simple task and become an operational headache. Use this swag template as home for all your merchandise needs and streamline the promo process to make re-ordering swag simple.

A template preview for Notion’s swag

4Music Label OS

This comprehensive resource is tailor-made for musicians, studio professionals, managers, and music marketers seeking to streamline and excel in their music business endeavors. Packed with invaluable insights, it provides essential tools and guidance to navigate the intricacies of the music industry, from financial management to marketing strategies, enabling individuals to thrive and make informed decisions in this dynamic field. Whether you're an aspiring artist or an industry veteran, this resource is your go-to companion for success in the world of music business.

A template preview for Music Label OS


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A template preview for MEDIA OS

6Brand Style Guide

A comprehensive branding guide. This template includes your brand's purpose, positioning statement, personality traits, logos, color palette, typography, and tone of voice to create a consistent brand identity, which is crucial for connecting with your target audience.

A template preview for Brand Style Guide

7Press Kit

Media kits (aka press kits) outline the core details of your organization or personal brand in one concise package that helps journalists, bloggers and other content creators write articles about your brand.

Use this template as a starting point for creating your own Media Kit so you can share your brand's story, info and brand assets with both current and soon-to-be fans!

A template preview for Press Kit

8Simple Content Repository

Whether you're...

• Scrambling to find that perfect piece of content from a few months back

• Juggling requests from sales (or anyone else on the team) who need content to help seal the deal

•Trying to figure out what content you might be able to repurpose

This content repository is about to be your new BFF.

Instead of being the content bottleneck (btdt), just pass this along to your team and empower them to search for the content they need. And if they can't find it, they can even pitch in with fresh content ideas, making this a win-win all around.

A template preview for Simple Content Repository

9Notion's media kit

Media kits are an important way of making sure your brand is portrayed consistently in the press. Use this template to showcase items such as your logo, product screenshots, office photos, and team portraits.

A template preview for Notion's media kit

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