Best 3 Press Tracking Templates for Marketing Analysts

For marketing analysts, the process of tracking press coverage is an indispensable part of monitoring and assessing the public's perception of their brand. A Press Tracking template facilitates the organization and analysis of this important data, enabling analysts to easily keep tabs on press mentions and gauge the impact of their media strategy. Before embarking on creating your own Press Tracking template, consider these resources to streamline the process and enhance efficiency.

1AI Newsroom

The AI Newsroom template is designed to transform your press release management using AI-driven effectiveness. This template provides a centralized hub for organizing, monitoring, and accessing your press releases, streamlining your news content management. Key features include AI-assisted press release drafting. Utilizing AI technology, the AI Newsroom Notion Template streamlines and elevates your press release management experience.

A template preview for AI Newsroom

2Notion's PR & media tracker

As a startup, news coverage about your company can help spread the word and give you an edge over your competition. A crucial part of the public relations process is staying on top of the latest news and the reporters who write it. We developed this PR and media tracker to help your team keep up to date with company news and build out the necessary context. Use this template to track your company's media coverage and consolidate fragmented data in one easily accessible page.

A template preview for Notion's PR & media tracker

3Deel's press release brief

Deel has transformed the way companies hire, pay and manage contractors and employees in over 150 countries. They use Notion as a single source of truth across the entire company. Their Comms team built this template to stay on top of tight PR deadlines and drive clarity around what needs to be done.

A template preview for Deel's press release brief

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