Best 10 Product Roadmap Templates for Product Designers

In product design, understanding where you're heading is as foundational as the design itself. A product roadmap delineates not just the end goal but the steps and milestones to achieve it, offering a clear vision for both stakeholders and the design team. A well-structured Product Roadmap template within Notion can streamline this process, providing a visual and interactive guide that ensures every phase of product development is thoughtfully planned and accessible to everyone involved.

Before you delve into crafting your own Product Roadmap template, consider exploring these curated Product Roadmap Notion templates. They're designed to simplify the planning process, allowing you to concentrate on innovation rather than organization.

1Software Product Development in-a-Box

Combines the core elements of our Product, Design & Engineering Team in-a-box sets to cover the needs of a modern product development team.

It features templates for your product, design, engineering, product analytics and user research teams. Amongst others; a product roadmap, OKR tracker, Sprint board, Kanban board, experiments tracker, user research tracker, tech specs, bug tickets and more.

A template preview for Software Product Development in-a-Box

2Product roadmap

This product roadmap template is your strategic partner for outlining project phases and iteration plans with clarity. It's perfect for agile roadmap development, from high-level product strategy to detailed feature roadmaps. Visualize your release plan and strategy map, ensuring alignment on product blueprints and goal mapping across teams. Track launches with precision, view progress by quarter or year, and bring cross-functional collaboration to new heights with customizable filters and views. Get the comprehensive overview or granular detail you need at a glance.

A template preview for Product roadmap

3Product manager OS

This template helps PMs manage their weekly tasks and projects by ensuring they focus on the right things. It encourages people to ladder up their tasks and projects to core OKRs, and simplifies the process of staying on top of their teams. In short, it makes zooming out to overall goals just as easy as focussing on what needs to get done this week.

A template preview for Product manager OS

4Roadmap Template

An essential tool for project management, allowing teams to outline and keep track of various tasks and projects. This template is perfect for visually organizing work, understanding priorities, and keeping the team on the same page.

A template preview for Roadmap Template

5Product Backlog w/ DoR and DoD

Get started with your project with this straight-forward Product Backlog template with pre-defined Definition of Ready and Definition of Done. Your project doesn't have to be a software or something complex in order to use this. It can fit to any application or use case, whether for personal or business purposes. You will be guided what data to populate in Epic, PBI, User Story, Acceptance Criteria, etc., based on the samples provided.

A template preview for Product Backlog w/ DoR and DoD

6Develop & launch an app

The purpose of the template is to show you how to make the most of Notion's timeline view to develop and launch products. You can use this structure to manage any project that has stages, steps or sub-tasks. The stages and steps here are taken from this .

A template preview for Develop & launch an app

7Notion’s projects

At Notion, we use this database to track all product and engineering work. For every project, we include a few key pieces of info to help teams like Legal, Sales, and Marketing understand what’s shipping and why. Customized properties allow us to track status, project descriptions, and launch dates side by side.

Inside each project page, we embed a filtered view of the tasks related to that project, as well as Github and Figma link previews. That way, all our work is truly in one place.

This template is part of a larger — read more about how we use it in .

A template preview for Notion’s projects

8Task Prioritisation using RICE Framework

🚀 Elevate Your Task Management with the RICE Framework Notion Template! 🚀

🌟 Overview:
Drowning in tasks and unsure where to start? This RICE Framework Notion template is your ultimate solution! Designed meticulously for professionals like you, this template harnesses the power of the RICE method, ensuring you prioritise tasks that truly matter.

📊 Features:
Deep Dive into RICE: Understand the magic behind Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort. 🧠
Step-by-Step Guide: Never used RICE before? No worries! This guide ensures a smooth sailing. 📖
Formula Breakdown: Dive into the RICE formula, with examples to clarify every step. 🔍
Mock Table: Practice makes perfect! Use the mock table to get hands-on experience. 📝

🎯 Benefits:

Data-Driven Decisions: Say goodbye to guesswork! Make informed choices backed by solid data. 📈
Team Collaboration: Engage your team in the prioritisation process, ensuring everyone's on the same page. 🤝
Efficiency Boost: Focus on tasks that offer the highest return, driving productivity through the roof! ⚡

Step up your task management game. Dive into our RICE Framework Notion template and watch your projects thrive! 🌱

A template preview for Task Prioritisation using RICE Framework

9Features list / Backlog

A feature list serves as a comprehensive compilation of all the functionalities of a product. It represents the culmination of all stages of research and serves as the foundation for shaping the future product.

Commence the process of building the feature list immediately after launching the project. Start by including all the client-provided specifications. Throughout the research phase, continually add and clarify features. Once all research stages are concluded, move on to the finalization of this feature list.

A template preview for Features list / Backlog

10Planning for product development in Notion

Product development is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure success. This template allows you to connect your OKRs, projects, and tasks to help you estimate budget requirements and help keep your team on track.

A template preview for Planning for product development in Notion

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