Best 10 Product Marketing Templates for Marketing Analysts

Product Marketing plays a strategic role in how products are brought to market, communicated to customers, and evolved based on feedback. It provides insight to Marketing Analysts on market trends, consumer needs, and competitive positioning. A Product Marketing template can streamline the planning, execution, and analysis of marketing strategies, ensuring teams are aligned and activities are tracked effectively.

Before diving into creating your own Product Marketing template, consider exploring these curated examples to streamline your process and enhance your marketing efforts.

1Notion's GTM plan

Notion's GTM plan template offers a streamlined approach to product launches. Starting with a clear executive summary, the template guides you through team roles, launch strategy, messaging, and market insights. Easily define your product's value, anticipate market reactions, and plan your launch day down to the last detail. With this template, turning your product ideas into successful launches becomes a straightforward task.

A template preview for Notion's GTM plan

2Notion’s GTM calendar

A go-to-market (GTM) plan aligns everyone and their tasks when bringing a product to market. This GTM calendar keeps track of launch dates, milestones, context, and more! View your events in a timeline, calendar, or table view by using different . Use this template to keep track of your launches and align cross-functional teams at every stage of bringing a product to users.

A template preview for Notion’s GTM calendar

3Product Demo Video Script

No need start from a blank canvas. You can easily plug in your content and create your own script instantly. Plan out your story step by step.

A template preview for Product Demo Video Script

4META ADS Media Performance Metrics (Ecom)

This Ecom media audit template empowers you to systematically gather and analyze metrics for each creative, presenting a comprehensive overview within a unified platform.
Whether scrutinizing performance, tracking engagement, or optimizing content, our template simplifies the intricate audit process.

A template preview for META ADS Media Performance Metrics (Ecom)

5Product Marketing Resume

Build a beautiful, functional 'Product Marketing' resume within your workspace. Enable "Public Access" and send over the link with your job applications. You can keep improving the resume even after you sent it out.

A template preview for Product Marketing Resume

6Product Marketing Portfolio

A sample portfolio to showcase your best work, projects, and career progression.

A template preview for Product Marketing Portfolio

7Product Launch Tier Framework

Start using a simple framework to help guide you in deciding what to announce and the level of resources and marketing activity to put into the announcement. Understanding the priority of an announcement will help you understand what level of effort and investment you should make in announcing it. Assessing launches against this framework means you'll have a consistent and fair approach to prioritizing announcements.

A template preview for Product Launch Tier Framework

8Etsy Business Comparative / Competitive Analysis

This template provides a condensed comparative analysis, presenting key data points for a side-by-side evaluation of entities or businesses within the same niche in the context of competitive analysis. Relevant data such as Original Price, Discount, Listing Age, Tags or Keywords, Cancellation Accepted, Ad, Star Seller, Sales, Listings, Reviews, Social Channels, and more have been pre-defined. Items are grouped per Category (or Product) as shops usually sell products of different categories. You may add properties such as Shipping, Custom Order and other info that you may find helpful.

A template preview for Etsy Business Comparative / Competitive Analysis

9Go to market (GTM) plan

A go to market (GTM) plan aligns cross-functional teams around all the elements of bringing a product to users. In one place, you and your team can plan and execute every part of your launch.

A template preview for Go to market (GTM) plan

10Product Marketing Team

Optimize your product marketing efforts with this Notion template. It's a user-friendly hub for team collaboration, project management, and content strategy. Simplify your project management journey with this straightforward Notion template.

A template preview for Product Marketing Team

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