Best 10 Product Knowledge Base Templates for Product Development Managers

For Product Development Managers, maintaining a clear and organized repository of product information, processes, and best practices is beneficial. A Product Knowledge Base in Notion can streamline this by providing easy access to vital information, improving collaboration among team members, and enhancing overall productivity. Before you embark on creating your own Product Knowledge Base template, reviewing these templates can simplify the process and offer valuable insights.

1Product manager OS

This template helps PMs manage their weekly tasks and projects by ensuring they focus on the right things. It encourages people to ladder up their tasks and projects to core OKRs, and simplifies the process of staying on top of their teams. In short, it makes zooming out to overall goals just as easy as focussing on what needs to get done this week.

A template preview for Product manager OS

2Lean FAQ

What you will find inside the Lean FAQ template:
-> 1 page with sleek design to build your FAQ in a few minutes

-> Button to add a new section with 1 click

-> Detailed guidelines on how to use the template and set up your own FAQ

-> Ideal to use for project management, MVPs, or even events planning

A template preview for Lean FAQ

3Basic Product Wiki

Organize all your product-related documentation in one place with this template. Keep guides and processes in easy-to-navigate sections.

A template preview for Basic Product Wiki

4[KB] Knowledge Base

How to use templates :
✍🏻This template is for creating a Knowledge Base.
1. HOW TO : What kind of content will you write?
2. Description : Description of HOW TO
3. Solution : What solution did you solve it with?
4. ADD : What else did you find out?
5. NOTE : References, Reference URL

A template preview for [KB] Knowledge Base

5Mixpanel’s product wiki

β€œOne of our big challenges was figuring out how to communicate cross-functionally. It quickly becomes overwhelming to communicate everything to everyone. Most of the time, teams only need a fraction of the information.” Says Vijay Iyengar, Director of Product at Mixpanel.

Vijay has a product wiki in Notion that collects all his team’s docs, using headers to point visitors directly where they need to go. Other teams can jump right in and easily find what they need.

A template preview for Mixpanel’s product wiki

6Use Case Model

Fallowing BABOK standards, this use case template is a concise description of how a person or system interacts with a solution to accomplish a specific goal or task.

A template preview for Use Case Model

7Product FAQs

Keep responses to common support questions in one place for everyone to see. Every row is its own Notion page, where you can add any content you want.

A template preview for Product FAQs

8Perfume Inventory

Use this template to track your perfumes. Track the perfume house, notes, occassions to use, whether to buy again, the date you received it, and so on.

A template preview for Perfume Inventory

9Green Coffee Sample Tracker

Roasters and coffee professionals receive hundreds of green coffee samples from importers and producers, keeping track of the coffee that you tried, the coffees that you liked and how the coffee tasted can become a logistical nightmare. Especially when you have to share this information with a team.
We built this database based off a problem that we had ourselves. I hope this helps you as much as it helped us.

A template preview for Green Coffee Sample Tracker

10Business Planner

The Notion Business Template is a well-designed and comprehensive tool tailored for business owners, entrepreneurs, and resellers. It streamlines all essential aspects of running a successful business in one convenient template.
Simplify your business management tasks with the Notion Business Template today.

Product sections:
πŸ“₯ Quick Add: Products, Suppliers, and Competitors
πŸ“ˆ Analysis: Niche Selection, Product Research, Competitor Analysis, Amazon Product and Competitor Research, Keyword Research, Market Trend Analysis
πŸ’Ό Business Blocks: Product List, Suppliers, Delivery Companies, Fulfillment Organizations, Marketing and Promotion, Expense Tracker
πŸ”– Database: FAQ, Documents
πŸ“ Business Tools
+ a video tutorial and examples

A template preview for Business Planner

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