Best 10 Design Brief Templates for Product Strategists

A Design Brief serves as a foundational document that outlines a design project's goals, scope, and constraints, helping product strategists ensure that all design activities align with the project's overarching objectives. It facilitates clear communication between stakeholders and designers, laying the groundwork for successful product strategies. A well-structured Design Brief template in Notion can streamline this process, making it simpler for teams to articulate their needs and expectations, and ensuring that projects kick off with clarity and purpose.

Before diving into creating your own Design Brief template, it's wise to explore some existing templates to make the process smoother.

1Notion Design Brief

Are you tired of spending endless hours on product design projects that seem to go nowhere?

Imagine having a secret weapon 🪄 to streamline your design process and create successful products every time.

Why this Notion design brief template?

A single page, well organized, and has enough detail to guide you to write down your brief in minutes!

😎 Save time

🚀 Increase productivity

💰 Deliver exceptional results

🔎 Include detailed guide and hints

💎 Ultimate template for digital product design projects

👋 Say goodbye to frustration and hello to success with our game-changing design brief template!

A template preview for Notion Design Brief

2Brand Design Brief

Ugh, tired of design drafts that miss the mark?

You know, the ones that look kinda pretty, but don't really connect with your audience or boost your sales?

Been there, done that. That's why I created this super-simple Brand Design Brief Template.

Think of it as your magic wand for crafting a brand that:
Turns heads with stunning visuals that capture your unique vibe.
Speaks to your ideal customers like they're old friends.
Crushes the competition by standing out from the crowd.
Drives real business results, not just likes and shares.

No more design drama, Just a clear roadmap that helps you and your designer:
Understand your target audience inside-out. Who are they? What makes them tick?
Unleash your creative vision. Playful? Sleek? You name it! ✨
Spot your competitive edge. What are they doing right (and wrong)?
Fuel your designer's imagination. Share visual inspo to spark their creativity.
Align design with your business goals. Let's make it happen!

A template preview for Brand Design Brief

3Stakeholder Walkthrough Template

A stakeholder walkthrough brings end-users, the product team, and other stakeholders together to evaluate early prototypes, providing actionable recommendations for improvements and building empathy. Early prototypes can range from flowcharts, and paper prototypes to interactive wireframes.

A template preview for Stakeholder Walkthrough Template

4Value Proposition Workshop

A Value Proposition workshop helps you to clearly articulate the point of your service or product, who it's for and what makes it unique. A value proposition is a statement that answers the 'why' someone should do business or work with you. It is your unique identifier.

A template preview for Value Proposition Workshop

5Content design workflow

An end-to-end process guide with tips, a checklist and mindset prompts. It helps define project scope, the writing process and focuses on the most important parts of the UX content design process.

Use this template to save time, reduce writers block, and help apply a standardized process in a writing team.

A template preview for Content design workflow

6Design Brief

A simple document to help you organize all requirements and information needed for effective execution of design projects.

A template preview for Design Brief

7Idea Generator

From brainstorming sessions to mind mapping exercises, this template provides a structured framework to fuel your creativity and take your ideas to the next level.

A template preview for Idea Generator

8Creative Brief

A simple document to help you organize all requirements and information needed to enable smooth collaboration with agencies and freelancers.

A template preview for Creative Brief

9Creative Direction


Project Overview
Process & Timeline
Audience Persona
Inspiration / Moodboards
Creative Direction
Project Guidelines
What’s Next?
Terms & Conditions


Unleash Your Creativity:
This template is designed to ignite your creative sparks. Whether you’re a designer, agency, artist, or any creative professional, it provides a structured yet flexible framework to brainstorm, plan, and bring your ideas to life.

Streamlined Planning:
Say goodbye to scattered notes and endless to-do lists. With our template, you can effortlessly outline your project goals, define tasks, and set deadlines—all in one place.

Focused Direction:
Stay on course with clear objectives. Define your project’s purpose, target audience, and key messages to ensure every creative decision aligns perfectly with your vision.

Secure and Collaborative:
Notion’s collaborative features ensure you can work seamlessly with your team, sharing ideas and updates securely.

Say goodbye to the hours spent on formatting. Focus on the content, and let our template take care of the aesthetics.


After purchasing my template, you will receive a PDF containing a link to the template. After opening the link, select duplicate at the top right of notion and the template should be available for you to edit and use in your Notion account.


Notion is a versatile and collaborative platform that offers the flexibility and tools needed to create, manage, and present creative directions effectively. Its adaptability and features make it an excellent choice for beginners, professionals and teams looking to streamline their creative direction process. Notion is also free to use for all.

Get Started Today, don’t let your creative ideas remain trapped in your mind. Purchase our Creative Direction Template for Notion now and embark on a journey of limitless creativity and productivity.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via Email or Notion.

A template preview for Creative Direction

10Ideation Board & Library For Graphic Designer

What’s inside this template?

✅ Brainstorms Ideas & Concepts: Crucial for generating ideas & concept. It allows the designers note down their initial thoughts

✅ Sketches: A space for rough sketches and initial design concepts. This helps the designer visualize ideas before refining them.

✅ Mood Board Library: A library of mood boards, you can create and save to establish the visual direction by compiling images, colors, and textures that evoke the desired mood or style.

✅ Color Palettes Library: A library of color, you can create and save color palettes that align with the project's theme or client's preferences.

✅ Typography Library: A library of typography, you can create and save font choices and pairings, ensuring consistency in typography across the project.

✅ Images Library: A library of images, you can create and save graphics, and visual assets for reference and inspiration.

✅ Includes Tutorial Videos!

A template preview for Ideation Board & Library For Graphic Designer

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