Best 10 Customer Discovery Templates for Account Managers

Customer Discovery is a key process for account managers to understand and meet the evolving needs of their clients. By employing a Customer Discovery template, professionals can systematically gather, analyze, and apply customer insights, enabling them to tailor solutions that resonate more effectively. A well-structured template not only streamlines the discovery process but also ensures thoroughness and consistency in customer engagement.

Before you start creating your custom Customer Discovery template, consider exploring these existing templates to simplify the process.

1User (Persona) experience tracker

Optimize customer acquisition, retention, and profitability by analyzing the best moment at each stage. The methodology allows you to detect key moments in the experience, reinforce the loyalty of existing users through timely actions, and improve the profitability and reputation of your project by optimizing the user experience.

A template preview for User (Persona) experience tracker

2User Persona and Archetype Template

Save hours by not having to create a persona page from scratch. This template works well for capturing more detail to profile Archetypes or, keep it light and document high level Personas.

Use this template to help leaders, product managers, and others in your business, to build a connection to these important users.

Select from 6x avatar images provided, and customise the template to your needs. Enjoy!

A template preview for User Persona and Archetype Template

3Data Sharing Agreement for AI Model Development

A legal template which covers the license of Data in order to train an AI Model.

A template preview for Data Sharing Agreement for AI Model Development

4Sales Framework

When you’re selling something, you have to start from the beginning and understand the problem. Use this template to build a framework for crafting a persuasive sales narrative.

A template preview for Sales Framework

5Startup Sales CRM

This is a simple CRM for startup I made when I wasn’t able to find anything good online. I was looking for something dead-simple where I could upload recorded calls and filter by timeline so that the engineering team can see when the next demo or proof-of-concept kick-off is, and build the relevant features accordingly. This CRM is best if you’re very early and have a quick iteration process where sales tests hypotheses on discovery calls and engineering builds MVPs based on customers’ needs.

A template preview for Startup Sales CRM

6Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

This Ideal Customer Profile template is tailored to support founders in precisely defining their target audience. It provides a structured framework to identify key customer characteristics, behaviors, and preferences, helping founders shape a clear and detailed understanding of their ideal customers.

A template preview for Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

7Cold email template

Looking to write better cold emails? Check out this cold email template! Short and straight to the point, this template will help you pitch yourself and your needs effectively. With an SEO-optimized description and tips on how to write effective emails, this document is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their outreach game.

A template preview for Cold email template

8SalesOS: Customer Persona (with Notion AI)

Create customer personas with ease!
Drop interview notes or transcripts, education, experience and other details of your prospective clients inside these templates.
Then have AI generate summaries, pains and gains for you!

A template preview for SalesOS: Customer Persona (with Notion AI)

9UX Research Repository for Startups

This Research Repository template helps you:
> Make sure non-researchers find answers to their questions as quickly as possible
> Drive triangulation of data by improving access to UXR team’s work
> Create and share insights in digestible chunks
> Standardize requests for UX research support
> Give the full org an overview of work done, in progress, and upcoming
> Spread and evangelize insights work internally
> Connect research work to various teams' OKRs

This template is filled with examples based on real (anonymized) customer input and insights from helping 9 startup teams setup UXR practices and organize their insights.

Plus, specifically for people running research, the template also supports with:

> Lifting up profiles of team members running research
> Storing templates and guides for running research
> Logging research session and participant notes in a consistent way
> Deciding on a tag taxonomy with your team
> Considering how to handle participant data

A template preview for UX Research Repository for Startups

10Startup Customer Avatars

The pivotal metric for the success of a startup lies in honing in on the right customer profile. Inexperienced founders may find it challenging to pinpoint their ideal customer profiles, risking the possibility of losing their direction. This template is designed to assist founders in staying on the right path.

A template preview for Startup Customer Avatars

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