Best 10 Creative Brief Templates for Marketing Analysts

A Creative Brief serves as a foundational guide for marketing analysts, outlining project objectives, target audiences, messaging, and deliverables. By streamlining the planning process and ensuring alignment across teams, it facilitates a more effective and efficient approach to marketing projects. Utilizing a Creative Brief template within Notion can further enhance this process by providing a structured and coherent format that can be easily adapted and shared among stakeholders.

Before you embark on crafting your own Creative Brief, consider exploring these exemplars to simplify the process.

1Creative brief

Creative projects have many moving parts. This creative brief lets you gather all the necessary information and materials in one place — goals, deliverables, timeline, budget, and more. Get aligned with internal or external teams to set expectations and move forward with clarity.

A template preview for Creative brief

2Approving Campaigns/ Briefs with External Agencies

This template efficiently organizes campaign information, including goals, target audience, and key messaging. It features a table for tracking tasks and deliverables, an approvals checklist, and an integrated Calendly booking page for effortless scheduling of review sessions with agencies and internal teams.

A template preview for Approving Campaigns/ Briefs with External Agencies

3Creative Direction


Project Overview
Process & Timeline
Audience Persona
Inspiration / Moodboards
Creative Direction
Project Guidelines
What’s Next?
Terms & Conditions


Unleash Your Creativity:
This template is designed to ignite your creative sparks. Whether you’re a designer, agency, artist, or any creative professional, it provides a structured yet flexible framework to brainstorm, plan, and bring your ideas to life.

Streamlined Planning:
Say goodbye to scattered notes and endless to-do lists. With our template, you can effortlessly outline your project goals, define tasks, and set deadlines—all in one place.

Focused Direction:
Stay on course with clear objectives. Define your project’s purpose, target audience, and key messages to ensure every creative decision aligns perfectly with your vision.

Secure and Collaborative:
Notion’s collaborative features ensure you can work seamlessly with your team, sharing ideas and updates securely.

Say goodbye to the hours spent on formatting. Focus on the content, and let our template take care of the aesthetics.


After purchasing my template, you will receive a PDF containing a link to the template. After opening the link, select duplicate at the top right of notion and the template should be available for you to edit and use in your Notion account.


Notion is a versatile and collaborative platform that offers the flexibility and tools needed to create, manage, and present creative directions effectively. Its adaptability and features make it an excellent choice for beginners, professionals and teams looking to streamline their creative direction process. Notion is also free to use for all.

Get Started Today, don’t let your creative ideas remain trapped in your mind. Purchase our Creative Direction Template for Notion now and embark on a journey of limitless creativity and productivity.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via Email or Notion.

A template preview for Creative Direction

4Brand Design Brief

Ugh, tired of design drafts that miss the mark?

You know, the ones that look kinda pretty, but don't really connect with your audience or boost your sales?

Been there, done that. That's why I created this super-simple Brand Design Brief Template.

Think of it as your magic wand for crafting a brand that:
Turns heads with stunning visuals that capture your unique vibe.
Speaks to your ideal customers like they're old friends.
Crushes the competition by standing out from the crowd.
Drives real business results, not just likes and shares.

No more design drama, Just a clear roadmap that helps you and your designer:
Understand your target audience inside-out. Who are they? What makes them tick?
Unleash your creative vision. Playful? Sleek? You name it! ✨
Spot your competitive edge. What are they doing right (and wrong)?
Fuel your designer's imagination. Share visual inspo to spark their creativity.
Align design with your business goals. Let's make it happen!

A template preview for Brand Design Brief

5Design Brief

A simple document to help you organize all requirements and information needed for effective execution of design projects.

A template preview for Design Brief

6Creative Brief

A simple document to help you organize all requirements and information needed to enable smooth collaboration with agencies and freelancers.

A template preview for Creative Brief

7Creative Brief

The goal of a creative brief is to ensure that everyone involved in the project is aligned on the goals and objectives, and that the resulting creative work is effective, on-brand, and meets the client's expectations.

A template preview for Creative Brief

8Content brief

A major bottleneck in content programs is a lack of alignment on content expectations. This content brief template helps all stakeholders — SEOs, writers, and marketing leads — align on things like keyword requirements, brand & audience settings, content structure, visual elements, and more. A well-crafted content brief keeps projects on track, guards against frustrating rewrites, and keeps everyone happy.

A template preview for Content brief

9Simple Project Brief

Organize and simplify project management information, save time by centralizing resources and documentation in one place, visualize and monitor project progress as it adapts to each project.

A template preview for Simple Project Brief

10Content Deliverables

Devin Reed's Content Deliverables Template is designed to help you effectively plan and track your content deliverables for an entire quarter. This template lets you record the deliverable name, its status, project description, demand, target audience, lift, and ETA. The option to view by status, lift, or ETA gives you the flexibility to manage your content projects in a way that best suits your workflow. Simplify your content planning and stay ahead of your deliverables with this efficient Notion template.

A template preview for Content Deliverables

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