7 templates to automate your work with Buttons

Buttons can help automate and simplify repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and help you do several things at once.

Whether your team is brainstorming your next big idea or automating your habit tracker, you can use buttons to generate content, create pages, edit database entries, and more. Buttons can produce a pop-up confirmation window, open a page as a preview or in full, and insert any kind of blocks into your page. They can also be used to assign tasks to team members, and generate meeting notes, so you can spend less time cranking through manual work and more time building!

To get started, pick a template you like, duplicate it into your workspace, and customize it.

1Remote Brainstorming

Boost your teams remote collaboration with this remote brainstorming template. Designed to streamline brainstorming sessions and maximize creativity using Notion’s new button and AI blocks. This template helps team members to generate brainstorming questions and effortlessly contribute ideas with just a click of a button. Use this template for seamless idea generation and action planning.

A template preview for Remote Brainstorming

2Report a Bug

Streamline your bug reporting process with this “Report a Bug” template, leveraging Notion's button feature to optimize issue management workflows. This template uses a database for logging and monitoring software bugs, enabling team members to swiftly report issues with a single click. Use this template to improve communication and expedite bug resolution.

A template preview for Report a Bug

3Habit tracker

Keep yourself accountable by tracking your habits everyday. With Notion's button block, you can easily check off completed habits for the day with a single click. Whether you're trying to drink more water, exercise regularly, or meditate every day, this template will help you build healthy habits with ease.

A template preview for Habit tracker

4Async Doc Reviews

Simplify your team’s document review process by leveraging Notion’s button block. This template allows team members to request doc reviews, provide feedback, and track progress asynchronously - reducing the need for emails and meetings. Use this template to accelerate the review process and focus on what matters most.

A template preview for Async Doc Reviews

5Task Triage

Streamline your team's task and bug management with this "Task Triage" template. This template organizes tasks and bugs in a database, allowing for easy triage and assignment. Use the "Triage all tasks to me" button to automatically assign tasks to the user who clicks the button, ensuring a smooth rotation during the triage process. Use this template for a more efficient and organized task management system.

A template preview for Task Triage

6Daily journal

Build your self-awareness and personal growth with this “Daily journal” template in Notion. With the help of Notion’s button feature, you can create a new journal entry with a click of a button. Use this template to organize your thoughts and streamline your journalling.

A template preview for Daily journal

7Submit a design request

Streamline your team's design requests with Notion’s new buttons. With a simple click of the "Submit a Design Request" button, team members can effortlessly create a new entry in the database, making it easy to track and manage requests. Use this template to enhance communication and ensure a smooth, organized design request process for your team.

A template preview for Submit a design request

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