Design, Develop, Deliver: 7 templates for dev teams

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7 templates

Enhance your software team's productivity with Notion's customized templates. Streamline your process from initial brainstorming to detailed technical documentation. Tackle task management and bug tracking with ease. Utilize retrospectives for insightful reflection and navigate through the product development journey with efficiency. Designed for seamless integration and clear communication, these tools bolster every stage of your project's lifecycle.

1. AngelList's meetings

A template preview for AngelList's meetings

AngelList’s product team uses Notion to streamline its weekly updates. Members of the product sub-teams submit short, written updates before each meeting. Participants read through updates relevant to them or their teams and make comments for the first few minutes of the meeting — then, the rest of the time is designated for conversation. What used to be many meetings is now consolidated into a single standup.

2. Engineering Tech Spec

A template preview for Engineering Tech Spec

Use this template to organize a project kickoff and deliver the necessary context so team members are all up to speed and well-informed.

3. Projects & Tasks

A template preview for Projects & Tasks

Track projects of any shape or size, and for any type of team. View projects as a timeline, kanban board, or calendar — whatever works best for you. Then write planning docs, embed designs, and organize meeting notes in the same place.

4. API Reference

A template preview for API Reference

A page to store your API documentation. Endpoints, code snippets, response and request structures and error codes. All covered.

5. Report a Bug

A template preview for Report a Bug

Streamline your bug reporting process with this “Report a Bug” template, leveraging Notion's button feature to optimize issue management workflows. This template uses a database for logging and monitoring software bugs, enabling team members to swiftly report issues with a single click. Use this template to improve communication and expedite bug resolution.

6. Synctera's monthly company retro

A template preview for Synctera's monthly company retro

As a fast-growing startup, Synctera runs monthly retros across the whole company to keep priorities straight and feedback flowing. These syncs used to take a full day — now they take one hour in Notion.

7. Software Product Development in-a-Box

A template preview for Software Product Development in-a-Box

Combines the core elements of our Product, Design & Engineering Team in-a-box sets to cover the needs of a modern product development team.

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