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Notion is your best friend when it comes to boosting your productivity game! There's a treasure trove of free Notion templates out there, eager to assist you on your path to becoming a productivity champion. Think of these templates as a helpful starting block, enhancing your productivity and being there to manage the big things in life. The great part about these Notion templates is that they've got nearly all bases covered, providing a plethora of options to choose from based on your needs. To make your search a breeze, we've dived into the ocean of templates and selected the cream of the crop in each category for you. And if you're scouting for more advanced Notion systems, hold tight, we've got a heap more on the horizon!

1. Second Brain by Rosidssoy

A template preview for Second Brain by Rosidssoy

Second Brain Notion template by using PARA Method

2. 2024 Vision Board

A template preview for 2024 Vision Board

Ignite your aspirations with the Vision Board 2024 Notion template. Reflect on the lessons of 2023, craft a customizable board, and set powerful intentions for the coming year. Elevate your planning experience and shape your future with clarity and inspiration

3. That Girl 2024 Aesthetic Life Planner

A template preview for That Girl 2024 Aesthetic Life Planner

This Notion Template is perfect for people who have a busy schedule as it will allow you to keep track with your daily tasks, quickly see your upcoming events and to-dos. The Ultimate Life Planner is the only template you need to plan your life and help accomplish your goals as it was designed to be both aesthetic and practical. What's included - REVIEWS - skincare - library - movies - NUTRITION - meal planner - grocery list - water tracker - weekly meal planner - recipe gallery - FITNESS - workout plan - weight tracker - gym equipment - PLAN - morning routine - evening routine - monthly planner - daily planner - weekly planner - ORGANISATION - birthdays - wardrobe - finance - VISION - 2024 goals - wish list - TRAVEL - travel planner - research - to do list - pre pack list - packing check list - my bookings - my budget - my highlights - upcoming trips

4. 2024 Vision Board Kit & Life Planner

A template preview for 2024 Vision Board Kit & Life Planner

FEATURES: ________________________________________________________ ✔️Vision Blueprint Questionnaire: Dive into a 5-step process to define values, understand strengths, identify challenges, refine your vision, and take actionable steps. ✔️Daily Dashboard: Stay organized with a goal calendar + BONUS journal, and to-do list. ✔️Vision Vault: Brain dump your ideas, from books to travel destinations, creating a reservoir of inspiration for your future visions. ✔️ Affirmation Bank: Access a curated list of affirmations for health, self-esteem, career, mindset, relationships, and personal growth. ✔️Quarterly Check-Ins: Set intentions and review progress at the beginning and end of each quarter, ensuring continuous growth. ✔️SMART Goal Setting: Formulate comprehensive goals using the SMART formula and then break them down into achievable action steps. ✔️Widgets: Progress tracker, journalling playlist, inspirational quotes. BONUSES: ✔️ Efficient To-Do List: Seamlessly organize tasks with an Inbox that auto-filters into Overdue, Today, and Upcoming sections. ✔️Comprehensive Journal: Track your mood, reflections, thoughts, energy levels, sleep patterns, stress, and daily reflections for a holistic approach to well-being. Unlock the Potential of 2024: Prepare for the new year with a planner that goes beyond resolutions—cultivate a life of purpose, resilience, and empowerment. Order your Vision Board Kit & Goal Planner now and step into the next chapter of your empowered journey!

5. 2024 Dashboard

A template preview for 2024 Dashboard

Great way to plan and keep your life organized. Includes - Daily Journal - AM and PM routine - Vision Board - Self Care Tracker - Meal tracker - Nutrition - Work-Out tracker and library - Shopping List - Closet Library - Book Tracker - Movie and Tv Tracker - Music Tracker - Bucket List - Habit Tracker - Academic Organizer

6. 2024 Planner

A template preview for 2024 Planner

The planner prioritizes the week view, providing a clear and concise snapshot of your schedule. Effortlessly plan your days, set priorities, and stay on top of your tasks. Customize the planner look to suit your unique personality. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or love colorful organization, the template images can be customized to reflect your mood.

7. Goal Tracker - 2024 Resolution

A template preview for Goal Tracker - 2024 Resolution

Introducing the Resolution Board - the ultimate tool to help you conquer your resolutions and achieve your goals! This innovative board is designed with three powerful features to keep you on track, motivated, and accountable. Track Your Goal Progress: Say goodbye to scattered notes and disorganized to-do lists. With the Resolution Board, you can effortlessly track your progress and see how far you've come. Visualize your achievements and stay motivated as you tick off milestones along the way. List Down Your Actionable Steps: Want to turn your resolutions into actionable plans? The Resolution Board makes it easy. Break down your goals into manageable steps and list them on the board. Stay organized and focused on what needs to be done to achieve your desired outcome. Reflect and Improve: Don't just set goals - learn from your experiences and continuously improve. The Resolution Board provides a dedicated space for reflection, allowing you to evaluate your journey, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate your successes. Gain valuable insights and make each resolution count. Whether you're striving for personal growth, professional success, or any other aspiration, the Resolution Board is your ultimate companion. Stay focused, motivated, and accountable with this game-changing tool. Get ready to conquer your resolutions and unlock your full potential!

8. 2024 Yearly Planner

A template preview for 2024 Yearly Planner

Effortlessly manage your time with customizable daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Form and track habits seamlessly. Celebrate wins, identify trends, and foster positive change. Your goals, your way! Cultivate a mindset of gratitude and self-awareness. Daily reflections and mood tracking help you appreciate the good stuff and navigate your emotions.

9. 2024 Budget Planner

A template preview for 2024 Budget Planner

Here’s how 2024 Budget Planner will help you regain control of your finances in 2024: - Anticipate all your recurring expenses such as your rent, debts and subscriptions. From the start of the year, you have a clear vision of the exact amount available each month after paying your recurring expenses. - You can categorize all your expenses to identify where your money is going. And your budget for each category will help you not to overspend since you will be able to know exactly how much you have spent in each category and how much you have left. - In addition to a budget by category, you can set a total monthly budget and a monthly savings goal to be sure to keep money for the really important things, future projects and emergencies. - Adding your expenses is done in seconds. In one click, you can generate a new expense then enter the amount, date and category. This system helps you stay disciplined with your spending. By seeing your finances still in the green, your savings increasing and your expenses decreasing, you stay motivated and gain peace of mind. And at the end of the year, you will be able to analyze all your expenses for the year, month by month and category by category in order to adjust your budgets for the following year. Of course, you can continue to use this system in 2025 and for as long as you want. It's yours for life, at no extra cost. There are instructions to help you setup a new year.

10. 2024 Read-Plan-Track:Your Toolkit & Knowledge Hub

A template preview for 2024 Read-Plan-Track:Your Toolkit & Knowledge Hub

Immerse yourself in a year-long reading journey with my "365-Day Reading Challenge 2024" Notion template. This template is designed to help you maintain a consistent reading habit by offering a reading calendar, a reading journal, and a collection of insights from Great Minds across eight different fields. Not only does it serve as a reading habit tracker, but it also provides access to over 200 articles from various authors within these fields. Additionally, you'll find useful strategies to sustain your reading habit throughout the year.

11. 2024 Monthly Planner

A template preview for 2024 Monthly Planner

It comes with features including: ~ to do list ~ goals list ~ ideas list ~ monthly affirmation ~ monthly reflection ~ saved items section and highlights. Also has ability to check current month and a seperate board view it is filtered to only see the month (for easier access). Available in Dark + Light Mode

12. Growth Planner 2024 - Inspired from Harvard

A template preview for Growth Planner 2024 - Inspired from Harvard

Introducing the Growth Planner – a meticulously designed Notion template co-crafted with Harvard students. This planner is your ultimate tool for 2024, offering a complete 365-day calendar. It's not just about the days; it's about optimizing them. Every day is thoughtfully divided into five essential sections: Schedule, To-Do, Goals, Motivation, and Gratitude. Trusted by thousands of students and young professionals, the Growth Planner is a deliberate, goal-focused, and happiness-cultivating companion. It's not just a tool; it's a philosophy. Elevate your productivity and well-being by making each day count with the Growth Planner – your path to success and happiness.

13. Habit Tracker Notion for 2024

A template preview for Habit Tracker Notion for 2024

Habit Tracker Notion 2024 template is a simple and effective way to track your habits. It allows you to create a list of your habits and track your progress each day. You can customize the template to fit your needs, making it a great way to stay on track with your goals and improve your self-discipline. It is designed for the year 2024, but can be easily customized for other years.

14. New Year Dashboard

A template preview for New Year Dashboard

Empower your productivity with this versatile dashboard template. Seamlessly designed to streamline tasks and boost efficiency, it offers a user-friendly interface and customizable features, ensuring an organized and productive workflow.

15. Simple Year in Review & Resolution Template

A template preview for Simple Year in Review & Resolution Template

This one-page Notion New Year's resolution and annual review template lets you reflect on your year and set goals for the next one — giving you a birds-eye view of your wins, goals, and growth! Look back on everything from your favorite memories to your top TV shows and movies. Then, map out what you’ll accomplish, where you’ll go, new things you’ll try, and more in the new year.

16. Actionable New Years Resolutions & Yearly Planner

A template preview for Actionable New Years Resolutions & Yearly Planner

With this robust Notion goal planning template, you can easily set goals for every area of life, then break each one down into bite-sized, manageable tasks. As you complete each to-do, peep the progress bar to see your growth! With tips and common goals across 10 major areas of life already built in, this template is super easy to use and customize.

17. Mini Event

A template preview for Mini Event

Seamlessly create and organize every aspect of your mini event, from guest lists to vendor management, budgeting to scheduling, and so much more. With a solid foundation in place, watch your event soar to new heights of success. Get ready to dazzle your guests and leave them talking about your mini event for years to come!

18. Simple Student Class Planner

A template preview for Simple Student Class Planner

When the template is opened, get a good look at your schedule, to-do list, and master list of all your assignments. It has a gallery view of all of your classes that branch out to its own separate pages which include another simple template of a grade tracker, goals, syllabus focuses, reminders, and notes. If you are new to notion, don't worry as there are instructions in red that you can delete when you are all set and customized it to your liking!

19. 12-Week Year Planner for Life and Business Planner

A template preview for 12-Week Year Planner for Life and Business Planner

💥 82% of people fail their New Years’ Resolution by mid-February. Why? Lack of vision 🤷🏻‍♀️ and lack of system 🛠️. Based on the 12-week year framework, this template allows you to break down your goals into achievable daily, weekly, and monthly actions. The scorecard and habit tracker will help you stay accountable and track your progress along the way.

20. The Goal Getter

A template preview for The Goal Getter

Seamlessly review your year with Year in Review Worksheet, achieve goals with Resolution Tracker, and cultivate gratitude through daily, weekly, and monthly journal prompts. This template is your catalyst for intentional living, guiding you to translate aspirations into tangible achievements. Turn plans into high-fives and make this dream-chasing journey full of good vibes!

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