Client Portal Toolkit

🚀 Client Portal Toolkit
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🚀 Business Management Suite: Elevate your project management and client communication with our comprehensive suite. Manage client meetings effortlessly, recording dates, attendees, agenda, and action items for smooth communication throughout the project lifecycle.

📅 Meetings Tracker:

Record essential details such as dates, attendees, agenda, and action items.
Ensure smooth communication and alignment with clients throughout the entire project lifecycle.
📊 Project Tracker:

Maintain a centralized project tracker for a bird's-eye view of project progress, tasks, and milestones.
Assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and effortlessly monitor the completion of project deliverables.
📝 Project Proposal Maker:

Craft professional and compelling project proposals in a dedicated section.
Include key elements such as project objectives, scope, timeline, and cost estimates to present a comprehensive proposal to clients.
⚡ Invoice Auto Generator:

Save time and reduce manual effort with our automatic invoice generation feature.
Streamline your billing process by quickly generating customized invoices based on your project details.

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