Household chores gamification (Rick&Morty design)

Gamify house chores responsibilities with your partner, flatmates or family!

It’s for you if you:
-> want to gamify your common chores and share them equitably
-> ready to compete for completing chores
-> want discussions about chores to be fun instead of awkward
About this template

This template
-> is minimalist and is built to cause minimal Notion lagging
-> has been been rigorously tested and reduced to the most fluid user experience
-> has helped my partner realize our chores hadn’t been as equitably shared as he used to boast before starting to use this chores gamification system haha

It offers elegant Notion solutions
-> needs minimum amount of clicks
-> causes minimum Notion lagging

What's inside
-> a standard list of repeating chores that you can personalize
-> a simple way to report completing chores with one button click!
-> a leader board with progress bars to compare your weekly and total points
-> a detailed readme page with FAQ and tutorials for beginners in Notion

Rick and Morty inspired design! Of course you can personalize to your favorite theme if you really prefer Hurry Potter:)

Help me improve the template <3
Share your suggestions and feedback!

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