Weight Loss Diet That Don't Starve

This is a 4-week weight loss diet designed by a Consultant Endocrinologist, Harvard University, U.S.A. ,
It is scientific and healthy,
You don't need to starve yourself or exercise to achieve weight loss,
You can see what you need to eat and how much each day in the calendar.
About this template

The page is divided into 4 parts, they are food list, start button, diet plan and weight management.

1. The food list shows you all the food you need to eat in these 4 weeks.

2. Clicking on the start button will help you generate a 4-week diet plan starting from today or tomorrow.

3. The diet plan allows you to see what you will eat and how much you will eat for the day, tomorrow, every day and every week.

4. The weight management allows you to record your weight once a day and then show the trend of your weight through a line graph.

This diet regimen depends on the bio-chemical reactions inside your body and independent on the amount of calories included in your daily meals.

It is very popular on the internet, I saw a youtuber who has been following it for a long time lost from 57.5kg to 49.5kg with it.


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