Career Exploration

This template is your dedicated tool for navigating career decision-making
About this template

Embarking on a new career or entrepreneurial journey? Simplify your decision-making process with this comprehensive Notion template.

How it Works:

Input Phase: Engage in reflective activities across seven steps designed to collect essential information.

Convergence Phase: All collected data converges into one central database with multiple views:

Skills-Based View: Identify career options aligned with your expertise.
Investment-Based View: Evaluate choices based on required investments.
Income Potential View: Assess options by financial potential.
Values & Drawbacks View: Balance personal values against potential challenges.
Visual Gallery: Directly compare remaining options for easy decision-making.

Why Choose This Template:

Solves Decision Fatigue: Streamlines complex decision-making processes.
Empowers Decision Confidence: Provides clarity, organization, and confidence in choices.
Guides Reflective Decision-Making: Encourages thoughtful consideration before inputting data.
User-Friendly: Intuitive design for ease of use.

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