Notion Business & Family Life Planner

The Notion Business and life planner will organise everything in your business and home life - Whether you're looking to start a business or have an existing business this will help with productivity and keep you organised
About this template

Are you ready to organise your business, home and personal life all in one place? Are you ready for a new level of productivity? I've spent months developing this Notion template for my own life and business, now you have the chance to purchase the template for your own business and life.

If I was to make this from scratch for you it would cost thousands! But you can get it for an amazing price as I am selling a template version. You will be able to edit this template as you wish, add / remove sections, change colours, images, text - ability to add over 200 integrations, use the amazing AI features to write blog posts and emails in seconds!

There are instructions, video tutorials and notion guides under the instructions tab when you open the template - you will soon see how advanced it's capabilities are. You can also integrate your google calendars, trello, dropbox, google drive and more.

What does it include:

Business Dashboard:

Project portal - manage all your projects and important info, invoices etc in one place. Organise your memberships and online courses
Product Business Dashboard - Sales, Inventory, Purchases, Suppliers, Customers
Goals & productivity planners - weekly, monthly and yearly
Social media dashboard
Finances and Invoices
Business fundamentals
Blog planner
Email planner
Newsletter planner
Subscribers list
Networking planner
Client feedback
Notes - write your notes on the go
Business Goals & Productivity Planners
Vision Board - plan your dream life
Password planner - never forget your passwords again!

Home Life Planner

Home budget planner - Income & expenses
Meal planner & Shopping lists
Holiday planners
Cleaning checklist planner
Personal Planner - Calendars, Routines, Habit Trackers, To do lists, tasks, weekly, daily and monthly schedules. Mindset & Motivation planner
Family planner - you can delete this if not needed
Christmas planner - plan the presents, days out, events, meals, shopping lists

Education Planner

Includes links to free online business courses and certificates

and so much more...

Why Choose Our Template?

✨ Comprehensive: Covers every area of your life and business.

🌟 Customisable: Tailored to meet your own needs

📅 Year-Round Planning: Suitable for daily, monthly, and yearly use.

📈 Enhance Efficiency: Streamline your tasks and boost productivity.

📱 Digital Solution: Access your planner from any device through Notion - on the mobile app or desktop

This is an amazing base to build your business on - there is so much more you can add to it!

Once downloaded see instructions for more details.


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