Brand Attributes Builder

Your brand attributes are a major part of your brand identity and a key input to brand guidelines. This template helps you craft your brand attributes or personality traits to inform brand guidelines, voice and tone, and messaging.
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This brand attributes (or brand personality) builder, boosted by a few AI prompts, is a simple tool to help you brainstorm and develop your brand’s attributes. As the brand lead, you may want to work through these exercises on your own, and then bring them to your group of decision-makers in a collective workshop format, asking others to share their own opinions and ideas about the brand.

As you narrow in on specific personality traits you want to represent your brand, AI prompts help quickly generate synonyms and other descriptors to spark inspiration or help draw out nuances that can better capture the essence of your brand. The goal is to move beyond cliché terms like “friendly” or “innovative” to more accurately and succinctly describe—and then manifest—your brand’s identity, with definitions and examples that are specific to your own brand or business.

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