Birthday Tracker

Stay connected and spread joy with our heartfelt Birthday Tracker Notion Template. Celebrate every special moment and never miss a chance to make someone smile! Make their day brighter
About this template

Never miss a birthday celebration again with this easy-to-use tool designed to keep track of your loved ones' special days.


Automated Reminders: Receive automatic reminders for upcoming birthdays, ensuring you never forget to send your well wishes.

Birthday Countdown: Stay informed with a countdown of days until each person's next birthday, displayed prominently for quick reference.

Age Calculation: Automatically calculate the age of each individual based on their birth date, keeping you up-to-date on milestones.

Progress Bar: Visualize the year progress towards each person's birthday with an intuitive progress bar, helping you plan and prepare for the celebration.

Gift Ideas: Keep track of gift ideas for each person directly within their profile, ensuring you always have the perfect present in mind.
Calendar and Gallery Views: Easily visualize birthdays with customizable calendar and gallery views, providing flexibility in how you view and interact with your data.

Stay connected, spread joy, and celebrate life's special moments with our Birthday Tracker Template. Start organizing your birthdays today and make every celebration unforgettable! 🎂🎈

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