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What is a Balanced Scorecard Template? The Balanced Scorecard is one of the best-known strategy frameworks ever created. The Balanced Scorecard essentially calls for organizations to create a set of internal metrics that will help them to assess their business performance in 4 key areas (referred to as 'perspectives'): Financial perspective: This perspective focuses on the financial performance of the organization, such as profitability, revenue growth, and return on investment. Customer perspective: This perspective looks at how the organization is performing from the customer's point of view, including customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Internal process perspective: This perspective focuses on the organization's internal processes and operations, such as efficiency, quality, and productivity. Learning and growth perspective: This perspective looks at the organization's ability to learn and grow, including employee development, innovation, and organizational culture. The Balanced Scorecard framework helps organizations to align their strategic objectives with their day-to-day activities, and to track and monitor their progress towards those objectives. It can be used as part of an organization's strategic planning process to identify improvement areas and make data-driven decisions. Many companies and organizations use a Balanced Scorecard template to help them implement the framework. What's included in this Balanced Scorecard template? 4x Balanced Scorecard Focus Areas The Balanced Scorecard template's focus areas correspond to the four main components of this framework, known as the four perspectives. These are the Financial, Customer, Internal Business Process, and Learning and Growth perspectives. Each perspective focuses on different aspects of the business and provides a way to measure the organization's performance. 12x Balanced Scorecard Objectives The objectives are the specific goals that the organization wants to achieve in each perspective. The template includes 12 objectives, such as: creating a tangible roadmap from the current financial state to a more successful profitable future state; improving customer satisfaction and generating a consumer-centric approach; aiming to excel across the board and identifying major roadblocks and areas where the organization lacks critical competencies to proceed to the next stage. 29x Balanced Scorecard Projects Projects are the specific actions that the organization will take to achieve its objectives. The template includes 29 projects, such as: improving inventory system; incentivizing early payments; streamlining operations to reduce costs; and launching an employee development scheme. 31x Balanced Scorecard KPIs The measures are the key performance indicators (KPIs) that the organization will use to track its progress and determine whether it is achieving its objectives. The template includes 31 KPIs, such as: increasing average sales; reducing customer churn; achieving an increase in the operating income margin, and growing social media followers.

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