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Avenue uses Notion as the company-wide source of truth for all team activities, cross-team collaboration, and information sharing—especially for handoffs between customer support and engineering.
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Avenue has two main uses for Notion. First, it serves as each team's home base for information, project planning/tracking, and collaboration. Within each team's home base (e.g., marketing, sales, customer support, product, engineering), one can find meeting agendas, task tracking, project planning, and much more. Second, Avenue uses Notion for collaboration between the Customer Support (CX) and Product/Engineering teams. By utilizing databases such as feature requests, feature log, and the Customer CRM, the team ensures that all valuable customer input collected by CX is relayed to the Product/Engineering team and acted upon. Fun tip: Avenue integrates with Notion. So, when an "Avenue Customer Feature Request" alert is triggered, a new entry is created in the Notion "Feature Request" database, and the Head of Product is tagged!

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