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Dive into the world of aquatics with AquaWise – the simple but wonderful Notion dashboard crafted to make aquarium management a breeze. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, AquaWise simplifies the care of your underwater haven. Stay on top of tank organization, maintenance, exploration, and ideas, explore fish species insights, and troubleshoot with ease thanks to a list of great resources. Features: Dedicated tank database: to keep track of all your aquariums and their residents. Maintenance calendar: to keep you organized and ahead of all the tasks that may arise. Maintenance tasks database: listing and categorizing common tasks every aquarist encounters. Water parameter log: so you can go back and analyze your readings. The GillFolio: a fish species database with basic information on the most popular fish species, with room for you to add more! The Gallery: space to display your favorite photos of your tanks. Fishy Journal: space for you to unleash your ideas and write down notes, make To-do lists, and whatever else you like. Hopefully, this dashboard makes your enthusiasm for aquaria that much easier.

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