AI for market discovery + marketing strategy

Help product marketers, founders, and innovators gather market and customer insights and build their product marketing strategy assisted by AI.
About this template

The template unlocks instant insights for product innovation + marketing strategy with Notion AI.

It does it with 47 pre-built AI prompts, tested in real-world scenarios, in 3 step-by-step phases:
1. Discover -- Get the insights you need to make positioning and product decisions
2. Define-- messages and narrative to communicate your positioning.
3. Distribute -- Build your distribution and awareness plans.

With this Notion AI system, users launching new products can:
1. Build a strategy draft in 1 day
2. Get instant market and customer insights
3. Save hours of customer and market research
4. Save hours analyzing customer interviews
5. Save money on expert interviews and research agencies.
6. Get unstuck with new ideas an angles.

All with the assistance of Notion AI.

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