Advanced OKR Tracker

A more in depth approach to OKR management but still within a one page, concise view. Help teams stay on top of their relevant OKRs, and see how each is doing with a new progress tracker & timeline view to stay on top of dates.
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A step on from the basic OKR template, this more in depth view is an ideal resource for a growing product with a need for more teams and more business areas to be covered.
Still all delivered in an initial, one page view, there is an expandable list to see all Objectives, their associated Key Rates and any associated Initiatives or Metrics.
A timeline to help visualise the target date and focus duration for objectives; expandable so that individual KRs or metrics can be given target dates.
A team board, to help show which teams may be more responsible for different OKRs, while still showing where there is team overlap.
Customise your team tags as needed; they could even be used for individuals if your team is still small!

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