Notion 2.30: Project Management

We know many of you wanted us to make project management in Notion easier and more powerful – so that’s what we did. We filled in feature gaps, revamped templates and setup flows, and added the power of AI. Here's what's new:

AI Autofill, a first of its kind

Automatically generate summaries, action items, project updates and more.

Out-of-the-box setup

Streamlined project creation so you can get up and running with ease.

Notifications to stay in the loop

Get updates on task and project details you care about.

Sprint plans, upgraded and streamlined beta

New pre-configured sprint workflow now available in beta.

Unique IDs for every issue

Easily reference any issue or task from anywhere.

Real-time GitHub integration

Notion tasks auto-update when their PR status changes and more.

Import projects from Asana

Move your teams, projects, tasks and all other fields into Notion with the Asana importer.

Coming soon…

  • Connected Properties link Figma and Google Drive files to tasks

  • A new My Tasks section to see all your tasks across projects

  • A redesigned Quick Capture experience to record new ideas and tasks

  • New Automations to trigger actions as task details change

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