Notion 2.10, now with Timeline ๐Ÿ•—

Timeline View โณ

It's finally here! Get the visibility you need into your team's plans, projects, and tasks across days, weeks, quarters, and beyond โ€” editing deadlines is just a drag & drop away.

Timeline view makes your databases more customizable than ever.

  • Add a table with one or many properties next to your timeline to understand more about your projects, or hide the table altogether

  • Group your timeline by a Date, Created time, or Last edited time property โ€” or use different start and end dates for even more flexibility

  • Visualize your tasks and projects across hours, days, weeks, bi-weeks, months, quarters, and years

  • Create granular views of your data with powerful database filters โ€” and combine AND and OR logic up to three layers deep

  • Add a Board, Table, List, Gallery or Calendar view to your timeline, or add a timeline to your existing databases

Timeline view is available on all Notion plans, free and paid!

  • Personal Plan & Personal Pro Plan: 3 timelines per workspace

  • Team Plan: 5 timelines per workspace

  • Enterprise Plan: โˆž timelines

See which plan is for you at, and see Timeline examples in action in this guide.

Flexible sub-page permissions ๐Ÿ“‘

Before, permissions could not be changed for any page that was nested inside another page โ€” they always inherited the permission level of the parent page. Now, you can expand or restrict permissions for any sub-page.

Here are a few actions that are now supported that weren't possible before:

  • In a top-level wiki page, create a secret sub-page that some people can see, but others cannot

  • Grant the entire workspace Can edit access to a wiki sub-page, but retain Can read access for the parent page

  • Give an Engineers permission group Full access to most of the Engineering Wiki, except for a few sub-pages that can't be edited at all

This is just the first step of many permissions improvements to come. Stay tuned!

Hide database properties ๐Ÿ™ˆ

This has been a top feature request from our community for a long time! Now you have ultimate control over which properties are shown in your database pages. No more scrolling through dozens of properties just to see your content!

Here are a few ideas, if you are...

  • A formula wizard: Now if you add a property just to use it in a formula, you can set it to Always hide.

  • A minimalist: Hide backlinks, comments, and page properties to maximize empty canvas, and keep the focus on your content.

  • A habit tracker: Tracking information across dozens of properties? No problem. Now you can have fields Hide when empty to stay uncluttered.

Limit inline databases to $x$ rows ๐Ÿ—œ

When databases are inline, you can include other content blocks above or below them. But this can get cumbersome if a database you want to add to a doc is hundreds of rows long.

Now you can limit inline tables, lists, galleries, and timelines to only show 10, 25, 50, or 100 rows at first, then click to load more.

Prefer a more streamlined page layout? Now there's a new Customize page button in the โ€ขโ€ขโ€ข menu at the top right of your pages โ€” use it to hide or show backlinks and comments on any page. And for those who use backlinks but don't want them expanded all the time, there's a new Show in popup setting.

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused โ‹ฎโ‹ฎ block handles to be missing in database templates when opened in peek view

  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicated blocks with sub-pages to create a link instead of a copy

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the iOS & Android apps from launching on some users' devices

  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to freeze while clicking & dragging a large selection of blocks on a page

  • Fixed a bug that prevented admins from removing members from a workspace if the Allowed Email Domain setting was enabled

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from opening URLs on Android devices, even if a web browser was installed

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users logged in via email from joining a SAML enforced workspace

  • Fixed an incorrect error message that appeared when trying to remove a password in Settings & Members

  • Fixed a bug that caused URLs in mobile notifications to fail on some devices

  • Fixed a bug that prevented data from syncing between devices when using filtered database views

  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate templates to be created during onboarding for newly created accounts

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