March 22, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • The outliner is back in your left sidebar! 📝
    Navigate to a page or a section right from your sidebar.

  • The navigation breadcrumb is back! 🍞
    It's near the top of a your window. It will fade away when you start typing – useful, without being distracting.

  • Share, Style, Export, Feedback buttons have moved.
    They are now also near the top of your window, next to the breadcrumb.

  • Adaptive sidebar color. 🌈

    Your sidebars will change color based on the background color of your page. Try it! The page style button is near the top of your window.

  • Shortcut to shift the selected blocks up or down.
    Use Command/Control + Shift + Arrow

  • Shortcut to create inline code.
    Use the back-tick (`), it's the key on the left of the "1" key.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent accidental dragging while highlighting text.
    We know it can be frustrating. We made it less likely to happen.

  • Better drag & drop re-ordering.
    Easier than ever to re-arrange your to-dos and list items.

  • ... and many other bugs were squashed 🐛.

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