SCIM + Bug Bash 🐛

Automate user and group provisioning with Notion's SCIM API 🔁

SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) enables organizations to create, manage and remove members and groups in Notion through an identity provider (like Okta or Rippling) or your own app.

Create new pages by typing into your URL bar ☀

Click the link above to give it a try! If you're logged into your Notion account in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), type in your URL bar to quickly create a new page.

We made inline links easier to use, and less finicky overall! Here's a quick summary of the new link features:

  • Hover your cursor over any inline link to see the linked URL or Notion page in a tooltip

  • When you paste the URL of a Notion page, there's a new Mention page option in the dropdown that appears — this creates an inline link, whereas the Link to page option creates a full-width block

  • The link menu is more keyboard friendly — arrow your cursor over a hyperlink to open the link menu, then open the link with enter/return, or focus the link menu with Ctrl/⌘ + /

Show unique values of a rollup ❄

When you use rollup properties to display values from a related database, there's a new rollup formatting option: Show unique values. Use it to omit duplicate values from the related database — for example, when you're displaying the lead engineers of each bug that's related to a software release, as seen below.

Add captions to code blocks đŸ’Ÿ

Now you can add a caption to any code block — perfect for blog posts, detailed documentation, or just keeping your code snippets labeled and organized.

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • Ctrl/⌘ + K will now open the Quick Find window when no text is selected! Ctrl/⌘ + P still works too.

  • Fixed a bug that caused scrollbars in the Windows App to be very ugly

  • Number properties in databases can now be formatted as Brazilian Real, Turkish Lira, and Indonesian Rupiah

  • Added a Duplicate button to the ‱‱‱ menu for pages within databases — it's now possible to duplicate these on mobile!

  • Notion pages now include the page icon in Safari browser tabs

  • Fixed a bug that caused interface elements to overlap each other on Android devices when databases had long titles

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Settings & Members menu to display in Korean for some users, even if English was the selected language

  • Fixed a bug that caused inline hyperlinks to be uneditable with the keyboard shortcut

  • Fixed a bug that prevented members from re-ordering favorited pages in the sidebar if the Prevent members from changing the workspace section setting was enabled

  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to lag after using the new Customize page feature

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the start and end of Timeline cards from being draggable when Page lock was enabled