Connectez vos outils préférés à Notion

Plus besoin de passer d’une application à l’autre pour faire votre travail. Fluidifiez la communication entre vos outils et Notion, automatisez vos processus et réduisez la complexité grâce aux intégrations Notion.

Parcourir les intégrations

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Tout le contexte dont vous avez besoin, dans un seul outil

Affichez le contenu et l’état des tâches Jira, des fils Slack, des issues GitHub, etc. — sans quitter Notion.
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Bases de données synchronisées


Synchronisez vos données Jira et GitHub dans Notion

Vous souhaitez garder un œil sur les données (à jour !) de vos outils externes ? Utilisez les bases de données synchronisées pour vérifier l’état des tâches Jira et des pull requests GitHub — directement dans une base de données Notion.
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Automatisez vos processus dans Notion

Centralisez tous vos outils dans Notion. Mettez automatiquement à jour d’autres applications, effectuez des actions, et maintenez la cohérence des informations pour travailler plus efficacement.
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What is a Notion integration?

Notion integrations connect tools like Jira, Google Drive, and Slack to Notion, to help supercharge your workflow. Integrations are built using Notion’s API.

I’m a developer. How do I get my integration included in the directory?

Our team will proactively invite developers to apply to be listed in Notion’s Integration Gallery based on usage of the integration. All integrations featured must be publicly available via OAuth, and will undergo a security and privacy review prior to being listed. If you're interested in sharing what you've built, reach out to our team about your integration here.

Can I create my own integration?

Yes you can. The Notion API is publicly available for anyone to explore. You can view our documentation and get started at You can create internal integrations for private use, or build public integrations that are available to Notion users.

Are all Notion integrations included in the directory?

Integrations listed in the directory are a subset of all integrations available for Notion users. The directory includes all integrations that are built by Notion as well as other integrations that have been made by our partners and third parties. We are continuously adding more integrations to the directory.

Are integrations listed in the directory reviewed by Notion?

Integrations that have been made by Notion are subject to the same review process and standards as Notion’s own product and services. Notion conducts a brief review of the third party integrations listed in our directory, but does not sponsor, support, or certify these integrations.

Do integrations cost money to use?

While Notion does not charge a fee to use integrations, our partners may charge a fee for using their service. You can learn more at each integration’s page.

Do I need to upgrade my plan to install integrations?

You can access the API and install integrations on any Notion plan type.