Pitch's marketing system keeps output high and quality consistent

After founding task juggernaut Wunderlist, Christian Reber is back with Pitch, making presentation creation more collaborative. Notion, its pick for project management, proves especially helpful for the marketing team.

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Kate Donahue

Sr. Marketing Manager

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Creating a system for all types of marketing requests

The marketing team at Pitch is constantly pulled in multiple directions, whether it’s for in-product copy or website assets. Since its inception, marketing has used Notion to systemize and scale the request process. Each type of ask has its own template — with a set of prompts to collect necessary links and highlight important dates. This makes for thoughtful handoffs that set expectations for all teams, and ensures marketing has enough context from the start to move faster from end to end.

checklist illustration
Pitch's marketing team uses database templates to make requests seamless.
If someone shares an idea with the marketing team, Notion helps us make sure that it has the right context so we don’t have to go back and forth so many times to get it right.
Kate Donahue
Kate Donahue
Sr. Marketing Manager

A roadmap that connects all teams

Updates to projects happen at light speed. And if they’re not tracked and communicated out to the broader team, disorganization sets in even quicker. That’s why Pitch uses linked databases in Notion for cross-functional transparency between departments, giving every team a view into the status of current projects.

All tasks are tracked in Pitch’s company-wide roadmap. Then this same database is added to every team’s homepage in Notion, filtered to show only their tasks. If an update is made to a task one place, it’s immediately changed everywhere else — making for a living, breathing project management system that gives everyone focus and transparency at the same time.

“The earlier we create the connective tissue, the better we can coordinate,” says Sr. Marketing Manager Kate Donahue.

Pitch -- point 2
Pitch's company-wide roadmap.

A toolbox that keeps a growing team on brand

To bring marketing requests to life and ensure they remain on brand, everyone on the Pitch team needs the correct tools for the job — the same assets, guidelines, messaging, and design systems. So the marketing team centralizes its resources in Notion, where all these essential tools are easily accessible and up to date. People don’t have to reference past projects or find stakeholders in order to make progress, and those time savings compound.

All the assets Pitch's marketing team needs to do great work easily found in one place.
As a marketing team, it’s important to create autonomy so you can cover more ground. That’s way easier when you have everything in a central place, like we do in Notion.
Kate Donahue
Kate Donahue
Sr. Marketing Manager

Clearer handoffs with remote teammates

Kate’s brand team is based in Berlin but includes remote employees who live all over the country. Under the status quo, remote team members might lose creative context, leading to rounds of fruitless revision. Instead, Notion has helped sharpen communication to a fine point.

“It’s always clear what’s on anyone’s plate, the scope of the project, or deadlines,” says Kate. “And it helps remote teams tell us exactly how much capacity they have so we don’t get stuck.”

Custom documentation in Notion helps Pitch collaborate with the broader team no matter where they’re located to arrive at a polished product faster.

Pitch Design Projects
Design projects and asset requests are tracked and tagged in a database.
Notion helps us rely on and grow remote teams sustainably. We’re continuing to hire more and more folks outside Berlin, so this is a critical skill for us.
Kate Donahue
Kate Donahue
Sr. Marketing Manager

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