Karrot's company wiki keeps its team united and organized during rapid growth

Karrot is South Korea's hyperlocal, community marketplace that provides a way for neighbors to buy and sell goods as well as share information about their neighborhood. With Notion, they onboard employees, keep them connected and attract the best talent to support their expanding business.

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An onboarding process that reinforces culture and shared knowledge

This past year, Karrot went from 10 employees to 70. Growing at breakneck speed, its core values must not be diluted as people join. So, the first thing new employees get at Karrot is a Notion account. Instantly, they'll find Karrot's wiki, where pages of its seminal documents are organized and accessible, including its mission, team structure, and even restaurants near the office. New hires are part of company culture from day one, so everyone’s operating with the same values.

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Karrot’s company wiki has all the information employees new and old need.
After a week, I was able to figure out almost everything about our company. Notion shrank the learning curve.
Chris Heo
Chris Heo

Cross-team updates keep everyone moving forward in lock-step

When speed is everything, it's easy for silos to form between teams. That's why Karrot shares individual team wikis — like global strategy, marketing and product teams — inside of its central company wiki. This keeps everybody aligned.

"Notion helps us share everything," says Chris. "Team wikis make sure everyone can access all information regardless of which team they're on."

Karrot also brings everyone together for a weekly Monday meeting. Notes from that meeting are linked in the company wiki, where teams provide project updates and answer questions. With meeting notes and team wikis living together in one place, it's easy for someone from the global team to hop into the marketing wiki for more context about an initiative without switching tools or tabs.

Karrot meeting notes
Karrot’s meeting notes keep all teams connected.

Personal pages build better working relationships

Every employee at Karrot also gets a version of their own personal wiki — a Notion page anyone at the company can view. These pages hold their tasks for the week, but also include interests and hobbies they’d like to share. Marketer Jeff Han’s page includes his sleeping playlist, in case anyone else needs help catching some Zs. By giving everyone a place to express themselves personally, Karrot employees build camaraderie that helps them stay connected even as the team grows.

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Karrot’s personal wikis build relationships between teams.
Notion helps us build a unique culture of 100% transparency. These pages allow employees to share their personality and who they are with their coworkers.
Chris Heo
Chris Heo

Publishing company values to recruit like-minded talent

Karrot uses Notion to build and store the company's most important information, like core values and company philosophies. Before, these could only be accessed by internal team members. Now, Karrot publishes them to the web in a Notion page so the external community can learn about the company's culture, too.

"Since everything was already created in Notion, it was very easy to share," says Chris. "Even before I applied, it was helpful because I was able to learn a lot about the company."

With one click, Karrot uses Notion's sharing settings to create public pages accessible by anyone online. Their talent page has photos of the office, company culture info, and team profiles. This helps Karrot spread awareness of its brand and scale with quality, attracting the right applicants who are aligned with its mission.

Karrot website
Karrot uses a public Notion page as its company website.
Instead of maintaining a website, we can easily publish existing pages using Notion. The ability to show outside people what's important to our company is very powerful.
Chris Heo
Chris Heo

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