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Notion vs. Wrike: which should you choose?

Notion’s collaborative tools, including wikis, docs, and our AI writing assistant, make it the ultimate connected workspace

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Notion: the connected workspace loved by millions

Wrike is what teams use as a project management tool. Notion is for those who want project support, AI assistance, and centralized docs too.

Wikis / Knowledge
Project Management
Issue Tracking
AI Writing
Enterprise Admin

Notion is rated the best on G2

Notion is rated the best on G2

Notion consistently ranks as the G2 industry leader based on hundreds of customer reviews. But don't take our word for it. Check out G2's comparison for more info.

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Ease of use


Ease of admin


Meets requirements


Ease of setup

We realized we need to provide everyone with more context about what to expect in meetings, like specific topics or open questions. The more context we can provide, the more effective we can be as a team.

Natalia Castillejo

Group Product Manager, Duolingo

Notion is beloved by millions

Notion’s AI assistant makes it a superior Wrike alternative

Wrike’s project management platform doesn’t include the bells and whistles that Notion’s does. Notion’s AI assistant can draft documents, synthesize meeting notes, and make you a clearer writer.

Up your project management game with Notion’s docs tool

Teams work better when they collaborate. Give the whole team access to functional, beautiful documents. With over 50 building blocks, teams can add code, calendars, and multimedia to every doc.

We use properties to designate the type of document in our shared database.

Create a workspace that’s perfect for you

Wrike is used for workflow management, but it doesn’t let you customize your space to suit every workflow. You can set up Notion’s highly flexible home pages to meet your unique needs.

Integrate docs to declutter team notes and project files

More work gets done with Notion


of users save time with Notion


of users replaced 2+ tools


faster project completion


less emails sent and received

World-class templates to streamline your work

Notion has thousands of templates for different uses – from project management to meeting agendas, team wikis, and CRMs. Using these templates makes getting setup and up-to-speed easier than ever.

A screenshot of Notion's mobile app
A screenshot of Notion's mobile app

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