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Notion vs. Todoist: which should you choose?

Notion’s doc-sharing tool, centralized knowledge wikis, and global community make it a powerful collaboration platform for teams.

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More than templates & to-do lists: Notion does it all

Like Todoist, Notion has note-taking tools, templates, and an AI-writing assistant, but it’s not just a Todoist alternative. It’s a team hub.

Task management
AI writing
Project management

Notion is rated the best on G2

Notion is rated the best on G2

Notion consistently ranks as the G2 industry leader based on hundreds of customer reviews. But don't take our word for it. Check out G2's comparison for more info.

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Notion creates focus in a way that I've never seen another product be able to create focus. One of the few places I find solace in the workplace is sitting in front of a blank Notion doc and writing.

Zack Hargett

Product Lead, Loom

Collaborate better with Notion

Communicate more efficiently with next generation docs

Notion’s docs tool allows teams to create simple but powerful documents embedded with code, videos, and graphics. With 50+ content block options, you can make beautiful, interactive docs.

All your design team’s documents centralized and accessible.

Store your knowledge, docs, and projects all in one place

Todoist is what teams use when they want to take notes. But Notion can create powerful, AI-driven notes and store them in a centralized location with our searchable wikis tool.

Notion’s a task-manager, a doc sharing platform — and a community

Notion hosts the largest SaaS community of its kind, with millions of global users. Get inspired and learn from peers. Then tap into Notion’s powerful project tools and put your plan in action.

A directory of all Notion employees.

More work gets done with Notion


of users save time with Notion


of users replaced 2+ tools


faster project completion


less emails sent and received

World-class templates to streamline your work

Notion has thousands of templates for different uses – from project management to meeting agendas, team wikis, and CRMs. Using these templates makes getting setup and up-to-speed easier than ever.

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