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Tired of Evernote? Say hi to Notion.

Notion is one beautiful workspace to take notes, create docs, manage tasks, and organize your life’s work.

Join the tens of millions that have made the switch.

Bring your team together in a comprehensive workspace

Deciding between an Evernote plan and a Notion team plan? Don’t think twice. Notion excels on all points with more features and better solutions.

Web clipper
AI writing
Content building blocks
5000+ templates
Real-time collaboration
Infinite hierarchy
Page analytics
Project management
Free guests
2000+ integrations
Databases with calendars, kanban boards, and more

Users and reviewers love Notion

Notion is rated the best on G2

Notion consistently ranks as the G2 industry leader based on hundreds of customer reviews. But don't take our word for it. Check out G2's comparison for more info.

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Ease of use


Ease of admin


Meets requirements


Ease of setup

Notion creates focus in a way that I've never seen another product be able to create focus. One of the few places I find solace in the workplace is sitting in front of a blank Notion doc and writing.

Zack Hargett

Product Lead, Loom

Notion is beloved by millions

Don’t synthesize notes — let an AI assistant do it for you

Notion’s AI assistant brainstorms copy, summarizes meetings, and defines action items. Regular note-taking apps don't compare. Plus, you can draw in Notion using simple plugins.

Store all your team’s key information in one place

Notion’s docs tool allows teams to make stunning documents packed with images, videos, and code snippets. And you can organize your files in one central, easily-navigated dashboard.

A template for your weekly meetings can help focus the conversation.

Notion has thousands of world-class templates, ready for use

Whether it’s Notion’s release note, sprint planning, or mood board template, there’s an outline to help any team work faster. That’s one more feature that brings note-taking to the next level.

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More work gets done with Notion


of users save time with Notion


of users replaced 2+ tools


faster project completion


less emails sent and received

World-class templates to streamline your work

Notion has thousands of templates for different uses – from project management to meeting agendas, team wikis, and CRMs. Using these templates makes getting setup and up-to-speed easier than ever.

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