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Every fundraising template your startup needs to grow your company

By Andrea Lim
3 min read

Fundraising is an inflection point in the life of your startup. A missed meeting with an investor, a disorganized data room, an outdated due diligence doc — these mistakes can make or break your company's future. So a watertight process to organize all things fundraising is non-negotiable. And many startups are using Notion to get the process just right.

Below, we collected the best Notion templates to get you your next round of funding — from building pitch decks that stand out from the crowd, to managing investor contacts and meetings. Fundraising is like launching a rocket, and it's about time you had a mission control.

The pitch deck that helped this startup raise $20 million

Say it with us: The Powerpoint pitch deck is dead. Impress investors with an interactive Notion page instead. If you're wondering whether it works, Argyle's founders raised their Series A with this template.

Every investor wants different details. So why not let them choose? The template lets them explore Notion galleries that display your major use cases, clients and team. Depending on what they're interested in, investors can click into these galleries to get more detail, or look at everything from a high level. Anticipate all possible questions they might have about your business, without overwhelming them with information.

The investor tracker that systemizes outreach

Accidentally emailing an investor you've already pitched, or showing up to a meeting unprepared is like the real-life version of that dream where you show up to a class in your underwear. So it pays to have one place where you can track every contact and your communication history.

This Notion page isn't your typical CRM though — you can filter contacts by status, write meeting notes directly inside the page, and even view your meeting schedule as a calendar. It's the only page you need to reference, no matter how many investors you're wooing.

Draft your YC application with this template to maximize feedback

If you're applying to Y Combinator, getting previous founders to review your app can yield valuable advice and know-how. This template is optimized for folks to easily scan your application answers.

It includes a table of contents at the top that automatically indexes any headers, and lets you embed videos and links straight into the doc. You can also set granular permissions so that others can comment and edit, but not share publicly.

Diligence docs to stay on top of every investor question

"Be prepared" is an understatement when you're in the due diligence stage of fundraising. You have to see around all corners, whether it's your total addressable market, crucial graphs, tax info, or customer profiles — you should have all these ready to share with a click.

Air's fundraising pack, which they used to raise their Series A, includes examples of each. They keep it all in one Notion wiki so everything is easy to find and update.

The all-in-one fundraising OS (paid template)

All of these workflows mentioned above can, and should, live in Notion together — so you have one place to go for all your fundraising to-do's. This template pack, built by a serial founder and investor, gives you everything you need to raise from start to finish.

It includes an investor CRM, due diligence checklist, pitch deck builder, investor memo template, and more. But the important part of this is that they're all connected — you can embed your due diligence checklist in the CRM (using synced blocks), or reference investors in your cap table database, without leaving the app.

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