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The 12 best marketing plan templates

By Maggie Gowland


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Three key aspects of a successful marketing plan are organization, structure, and clarity. 
You can develop these elements on your own. But using a template makes your job a lot easier.

Marketing plan templates provide a reliable way to organize your workload and keep your projects on track. They give you the structure you need to give your team clear guidance and manage deadlines — and all in the same place.

What makes a good marketing plan template?

An effective template is clear, organized, and customizable. No marketing project is the same, and even though templates are a great helping hand, they aren’t one-size-fits-all. If you're focused on social media campaigns, the template should provide a way to tailor upcoming posts to the platforms you prefer. If you manage a fast-paced blog, you'll want to be able to tag teammates and adjust copy on the fly.

But all good templates share some common traits. A good marketing plan template is:

  • Specific — the template should focus on the nitty-gritty of your marketing campaigns so you leave no detail behind. This could include a scheduling calendar, a KPI tracker, or a database of documents — whatever your team needs to succeed. 

  • Flexible — while a marketing strategy template should be relevant to your work, it should also be flexible enough to adapt as your marketing plans evolve.

  • Actionable — a good template provides an actionable work plan and the ability to access your projects directly. To-do lists and clear timelines are key assets.

  • Easy to update — as your campaigns progress, you'll need to adjust regularly with new information. The template shouldn’t make that process difficult.

  • Easy to share — an excellent template makes sharing updates, collaborating, and tracking progress seamless.

12 best marketing plan templates

Each of these digital marketing strategy templates serves a different purpose, giving you the chance to specify and streamline your work. Whether you're an individual marketer or part of a large team, there's a template below that will help you meet your goals.

1. Content calendar

This content calendar template provides a bird's eye view of your content strategy. It lets you track each deliverable's status, with owner, dates, and priority clear at all times. This roadmap is perfect for content marketing teams who juggle multiple projects and marketing channels.

2. Social Media Calendar

Tired of trying to track social media posts across multiple platforms? The Social Media Calendar is your hub for planning and drafting posts in a single location. It's a great tool to help busy social media managers stay organized.

3. Campaign Brief

Creating a marketing plan can be complicated — but it doesn't need to be with this Campaign Brief template. It provides a framework to set smart goals, identify your target audience personas, and outline messages. Templates like this are most helpful at the start of your project to organize your notes and create an actionable marketing plan. It’s built to provide structure to your campaign planning sessions.

4. Notion's marketing projects

Notion's marketing projects template offers a simple way to keep track of progress on campaigns, tasks, and other calendars. It provides automated notifications and a clear overview of each to-do to streamline marketing operations. This marketing campaign planning template is great for marketing teams of all sizes who do everything with timing in mind.

5. Blog Editorial Calendar

A centralized location is essential for professional writing teams who need to manage tons of moving parts. The Blog Editorial Calendar lets you view and edit all your content in one place. Within a single marketing timeline template, your team can track multiple campaigns, making it ideal for those focusing on large-scale blogging efforts.

6. The Ultimate Social Media Planner

If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of social media projects you manage, check out the Ultimate Social Media Planner. It streamlines planning and scheduling to help you stay engaged with your followers across every platform. With sections for ideas, notes, and resources, you can optimize your online presence — no matter how fast-paced your schedule.

7. Social Media Content Planner

The Social Media Content Planner template outlines your monthly goals, content pillars, and idea banks so you always have something great to post. This template works best for content creators who have to stay organized across multiple campaigns and social media platforms.

8. Instagram planner

The Instagram planner template gives you a simple gallery view of your upcoming posts, with space for hashtags, captions, and dates. It’s an effective way to streamline your Instagram strategy without the clutter of other platforms.

9. Content Creation Dashboard

Content creation is a business, and when it comes to planning, you have to treat it as such. That’s why this Content Creation Dashboard is so robust. It includes a planning calendar, a task list, and spaces to flesh out other aspects of your personal brand, such as finances or a mission statement. It’s the perfect template for individual creators who need a space to organize projects and align their work with their vision.

10. Notion's marketing wiki

Notion’s marketing wiki is a shareable dashboard that brings transparency to your team's marketing strategy. You can view assets, stakeholder information, and project updates on a single page, avoiding back-and-forth chats that waste time. Just open up the wiki and access all your most important information, such as your executive summary and competitive analysis, in one place. 

11. Email/SMS Product Content Calendar

Email and SMS are two of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience. That’s why this Email/SMS Product Content Calendar template is a must for marketing teams looking to boost retention. You can organize email and SMS campaigns, automate messages, and share updates with your team.

12. Marketing Project Brief

When multiple teams need to know the details of a campaign, communicating everything succinctly gets tricky. Try this Marketing Project Brief template. It organizes all relevant information with sections for clear goals, objectives, and audience personas — and there’s a table of contents for easy navigation.

Get started with Notion

Organizing your marketing campaigns doesn’t have to take forever. Notion’s wide range of templates simplifies every process and takes your strategy to the next level. Whether you're coordinating content calendars, creating a work plan, or designing your next social media post, Notion has a template for you. Explore the library and tailor-make a system just for your team.

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