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Ira Glass joins Block by Block with Gong's COO and Miro's CRO

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If you're like me, you're probably craving more clarity and connection in your work and personal life. This is what our annual user conference, Block by Block, is all about! Coming soon on March 2, it’ll be a day of feature announcements, exclusive demos, inspiration from experts, and special guests.

Which brings me to today’s news — We’re thrilled to welcome three new guests to our agenda: This American Life creator Ira Glass, Gong COO Kelly Wright, and Miro CRO Zhenya Loginov!

All three will be speaking about how organization, collaboration, and creativity can be achieved and scaled at every stage of company or team — even if that team is just you. We hope you’ll join us!

Scaling the creative process with Ira Glass

Ira began his career as an intern at National Public Radio, and put This American Life on the air in 1995. The show is now heard each week by over 5 million listeners, winning seven Peabody awards and the first Pulitzer Prize ever awarded for audio journalism. He’ll speak to our COO Akshay Kothari on the tools and systems he uses to produce high-quality, creative content week after week.

How Gong COO Kelly Wright set up her fast-growing teams for success

Kelly runs all go-to-market functions at Gong, including Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing. Before that, she spent 12 years at Tableau, where she led worldwide sales and field operations as Executive Vice President of Sales. Throughout her career, she’s taken complex organizations in hypergrowth and helped them drive toward the same goals. She’ll share tactics from this experience.

Miro CRO Zhenya Loginov’s strategies for aligning thousands of employees

At Miro, Zhenya oversees Sales, Customer Success, Partnerships, Revenue Operations, and Analytics. Before that, he ran user operations at Dropbox and served as COO at Segment. He’ll discuss actionable insights for keeping teams across large orgs connected so everyone can do their best work.

We’re so excited for you to meet these folks on March 2. And we’ll have many more speakers and announcements to share very soon. Stay tuned!

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