this model was crafted from scratch to capture how I’m really operating - the honest, cold truth.

1st iteration was a more-business centric Weave Your Legacy-focused: ‣

this 2nd iteration is an attempt to shed [[societal thinking]] (eg. [[making a living]], [[money]], [[career]], etc) and just capture how things really are for me right now outside of community I serve... { key insight: “maybe I need to run a recovery center?” }

This mode of [[deep reflection]], [[coming to terms]] and getting real about [[what I’m up to]] (and what I’m not) is very reminiscent of the state of mind I found myself in after passing my certification to be an Evernote Certified Consultant in Oct 2014.

🎯 Recovery Goals

What is the main goal for your recovery? make it short, and focus on WHY focusing on recovery is important to you, and HOW you impact people in WHAT way. *to know more you can read Start With Why book by *Simon Sinek**.

📅 Short term goals: (6 months)

Type down 3-5 of the most important short term goals for your recovery.

🗓️ Long term goals: (2 years)

Type down 3-5 of the most important long term goals for your recovery.

Operating Model in Recovery

🤝 Key Partners

<aside> 💡 Who are the key partners and suppliers needed to make recovery a success?



The Body Keeps the Score

The Joy of Burnout

The Power of Being

Workaholics Anonymous





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