I got first introduced to the idea of sensemaking through Jerry Michalski who I discovered was a fellow power-user of TheBrain

The information sponges of the world now have spent a great deal of energy curating some of the best content in the world and a new generation of tools to help sort through our own piles of data are now emerging. A few examples:

Roam Research is where all the cool kids are when it comes to sensemaking.

Notion is suitable starting point for sensemaking

Evernote is a great example of collecting a ton of notes and not being provided the tools to make sense of it all. After 20k notes, notes tend to get lost and more importantly, nothing is reminding you to connect new notes to old notes (Context, announced at the Evernote Conference in 2014, actively shows related notes while writing. The feature continues to be downplayed and has been eclipsed by the sophistication of Roam Research)

‣ has emerged to simplify the task of reviewing all your Kindle highlights by creating a workflow to review 6 highlights a day (across all your books) and marking “keep” or “discard”. In this manner, you will eventually favorite your best highlights (of those you’ve kept) over time.

Mind mapping is an important tool to leverage associative and lateral thinking to link important concepts together.

Multi-level Conversations are useful in driving the sensemaking process.