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Notion is a fairly new kid on the block - I just started dabbling in it in June 2020. It came into view as a result of my transition to the iPad Pro.

My primary goal was to resurrect my public wiki (previously [[Wikispaces]]) and I never imagined Notion taking over my life on a daily basis doing much much more than a wiki.

I’m really pleased with the design aesthetic and the fact that I have full power over my pages.

Notion appears built to handle massaging data between multiple spaces/collaborators really well compared to other tools I’ve been in over the last 10-15 years. The last time it was this fluid was probably [[Groove Desktop]] in 2004 and that went to sh*t when Microsoft tried to integrate it into Office (still grieving!).

Product-led growth “the Notion way”


Notable alternatives

  1. Roam Research - Notion has an edge because it doesn’t throw an immediate paywall up and hold your data hostage after your trial ends. That said, it looks like if you have sophisticated research needs and doing a fair bit of Sensemaking, Roam may be more suitable for you.
  2. Obsidian - stands for data portability and the principle of using a folder of human-readable markdown files. UI isn’t as pretty and not as full-featured. Notion allows you to export your workspaces to markdown. Read more about Vendor/data lock-in.