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Contents: Foreword, Quotes (Unofficial, Searchable, Verifiable) ...see also CoE: Newslinger

Quotes from the Chronicles of Elyria's staff (CoE: Dev team) which took the time to answer some community's concerns or misunderstadings (in their time and context) but generally don't have a direct link to refer to: as it may rain elsewhere from where you were looking, source (and date) is always precised nonetheless.

Those taken mostly from pinned items on Discord and live Q&As... until later officialized (or revised) by a design journal, a news entry, the game guide or a sticky post on the official forums: elements of information that you can find in the CoE: Newslinger section.

Words of wisdom

From Serpentius, CoE's Community Support Lead:

"PSA: Posts made on the CoE website by CoE staff, are official unless stated otherwise. Videos published, created by, and hosted by studio developers, if posted to our official website OR official Youtube channel, are official unless stated otherwise. Posts on the official wiki, taken from official sources, are official unless stated otherwise."

"Discussions and casual chat on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, IRC, in person, at tradeshows, and in other unofficial venues, are not official. I hope this clears this issue up for everyone <3."



As usual, browse the embedded gallery below, then click (👆) on the morcel gem (card) that got your attention to get full details, you may want to copy the information elsewhere (Ctrl+C shortcut), then leisurely switch to previous/next card or go back to the main view. As a side note, this particular view is also downloadable as CSV if you want to, you can also enjoy a larger version (icons in the bottom left corner).

Skyfall:Archives: Quote on! [CoE]

Skyfall:Archives: Quote on! [CoE]

Search features (computers only)

Verifiable sources

Between the {Source} and {Date}, transcripts should always be verifiable, and were, {Timestamp} where it is available (mostly for videos). {Tags} are from my own sensibility and reference base, they are shared across different views and thus convey more than meet the eye.


Cover image: Concept art depicting the possible consequences of using the legendary e(xc)lusive Talent of Magick. Credits : Souldbond Studios. <<