Chinarut fun facts

what's in the way between here and Thailand

  1. goal to stay put in Cali 4 years til Dec 2020 (slow movement)
  2. clear sustainability plan and desired burn rate
    1. Crowdfunding Campaign (speaks to recent synthesis efforts)
    2. Intended Outcomes on next segment in Thailand
  3. Vipassana (can technically be fulfilled in Thailand at Suan Mokkh)
  4. slew of routine doctor appointments (can’t help but think of the popularity of medical tourism in Thailand) (even simple stuff like a dental visit or getting new glasses!)
  5. local (to US)
    1. visiting bay area startups face-to-face like Notion and Gather
    2. x-country Roadtrip (originally proposed to be in NC by Jun 2021) (this really is in the air - I really would like to have a solid relationship to the states geographically before introducing rapid movement)
  6. The Story of Stuff
    1. SF apt (and stashing stuff in storage (thankfully minimal))
    2. car (sell off, lease to friend, or bite the bullet and Turo it remotely)