You use tools to manipulate data inside a specifc system.

For example, you may have a "project mangement" system. The kind of data you might want to capture might be projects and tasks. Notion might be one of many tools that can help you organize your projects into tasks and have discussions for the purpose of working towards completing projects (you want to complete projects right? 😉).

It is useful to inquire about data & systems.

Types of data

more examples: Types of Data (brainstorm)

Types of systems

So what is a tool?

You pick tools once you are clear about the systems you need (and for what purpose) and the types of data you need to manipulate (to achieve said purpose). It is important to keep the concepts of systems, data, and tools separate otherwise you may find yourself taking a hammer and seeing everything as a nail - while it is not a bad thing, it has a certain result 😉

It is possible you may need to dive into a tool and play around with it to discover a system you did not know you needed or data you realize you were not tracking that might be helpful.

You are welcome to explore my Toolbox for ideas!