I technically have buckets of data enumerated in data sources (in TheBrain)

Unfortunately looking at data by tool is a siloed view of your data which is probably not very helpful.

This is an attempt to look at the various “buckets” of data I have.

See Types of Wellbeing Data to see specific examples as it relates to Waking Up Happy Together

  1. Web Clippings - articles that resonate. either something I’m actively dealing with or to fulfill on an intended outcome (current or future). Stored for later reference (because it could disappear)
  2. Key Events - memories. things to blog about. transformational moments in my life to reflect upon. places/time I met people I care about. communities I’m stumbled into that are meaningful to me (or wish to contribute to). meaningful discoveries or applications of products and systems I’ve been exploring for quite some time. point in time where convergence of some kind has happened.
  3. Key People - there are people you meet you feel you will probably know for quite some time. while you might have a gut feeling, it’s not always clear “why” you meet until you take on exploring what’s there. sometimes it’s useful to keep track of key conversations, fun conversations, or even the last time you spoke to them. If you’ve spent a lot of time “developing” conversations and getting to know each other, it’s possible things you want to work on together might arise. Some kind of system is useful to keep track of shared intentions and desired accomplishments. Groups, communities, teams often form as a result of these conversations.
    1. people often generate: inspired actions, references to books, activities, places to go (could be something they are passionate about they would like me to experience (relatedness) vs something they hear in what I’m sharing I should pursue (receiving their contribution))
  4. Journal Entries - details of people I meet, events I go to, products I discover, my experience of life, dreams, failures. A means to just write freely with no intended audience.
  5. Drafts - writing that has an intended audience. intended to be published in some way, whether it’s in a wiki, blog, book. it could be a screenplay, it could be a strategic plan.
  6. Models - inspired by the Business Model You (and housed by Weave Your Legacy)
    1. personal business models of people in my life. (in some instances, partnership models arise)
    2. business models of companies that perk my interest, feel have potential, potential clients, potential partnerships, companies to model after.
    3. community models of communities I am evaluating, considering joining, considering supporting.
    4. my own personal business model
  7. Logs
    1. to make sense of existing habits or to track your progress building new habits
    2. track time with clients (paid or unpaid)
  8. Book highlights - quotes that resonate. helpful to review later to see if they withstand the test of time and worthy or sharing later.
  9. Tasks - actions (or mini-outcomes) related to [[Outcomes]] I am manifesting.
  10. Outcomes - things I seek to accomplish in different parts of my life
  11. Documents - product manuals, handouts, slides
  12. Videos, Books, Web pages
    1. curated media Ive watched feel might be useful for others
    2. media that I feel might be useful to jump into at a later time
  13. Plans - strategic plans: annual, 5 year, 10 year, etc. (influenced by [[GTD]])
  14. Proposals - inspired by [[One Page Proposal]] - clarifying outcomes, intentions, current state, audience, and next action in as succinct a format as possible.
  15. Memories - scanned greeting cards, photos, objects
  16. Notes - courses, lectures, talks